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Interior design solutions for your small apartment

Interior design solutions for your small apartment

Unless you live in a luxury apartment, chances are you are struggling with a small apartment.

Trying to maximize the space in your home can be a daunting challenge as you have to try to squeeze in as much as you can without creating a claustrophobic feeling as nobody wants to be surrounded by a lot of clutter.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be a fantastic place to live. You just have to make sure that you are smart with your interior design and make the space as efficient as possible!

If you need some tips and ideas to help transform your space into a nicer apartment, be sure to check out our small apartment furnishing solutions.

Go vertical

Wood paneled apartment interior design solutions for your small apartment

One of the main problems with smaller apartments is storage and trying to use the available space.

Our first big tip would be to try to free up your space as much as possible and have a one-in-one-out rule when it comes to buying items like clothing. This will help you minimize clutter and make sure your space feels as big as possible.

However, we find that even after a large debugging session in a small apartment, you are still struggling to find enough space. In these cases, our biggest design tip would be to ride vertically! It’s up to you to get creative to find extra storage space in your room. This can be anything you can find if you can find extra space above your cabinets or above your closets put up some shelves on a free wall.

If you really step back and analyze your small space, you will find plenty of opportunities for more storage space. If you want to get really creative and take full advantage of the vertical orientation of your storage, you can even consider a loft bedroom for extra space.

Turn room dividers into storage space

Another great way to enhance the appearance of your small apartment is to make room dividers that also serve as functional storage solutions.

If you live in a tiny apartment like a studio, take advantage of the space that you dip your bedroom in from the living room to add more storage space like a bookcase or closet. This can help take advantage of areas of the room that you may not have thought of before.

Buy furniture with hidden storage solutions

Functional-Small-Apartment-São-Paulo-Brazil_1 Interior design solutions for your small apartment

To maximize the space in your small apartment, you should really invest in furniture that fulfills dual requirements and also doubles as a storage solution.

Hide loose objects in lid boxes that you can also use as seat or lid baskets that you can use as a side table for a lamp. Another great idea is to get rid of your coffee table and swap it out for an ottoman that you can use to place things on top of it. But you can also use the space inside as additional storage space. This means that you can hide a lot of loose items, but your room will look sleek and stylish.

Be matchy-matchy

When looking for design solutions for your small apartment, you will likely find that many people recommend opting for an all-white theme to maximize the space available and make it feel more spacious.

Regardless of what type of paint you are working with, it probably won’t make much of a difference to the feel of the room as it is much more complicated.

Of course, we do not recommend choosing an extremely dark color as it can affect your home. Instead, our tip is to focus on customizing your interior design. My advice is to match your curtains with the color of your wall.

Color-theme-ideas-for-small-apartments Interior-design-solutions for your small apartment

So if you have a white wall try to keep that for your curtains. A visual line that is not interrupted by curtains of different colors helps make the room feel bigger and last longer than it really is.

If you are looking for high quality curtains we recommend you visit Fashion interiors Who can offer you a wide range of styles and colors, so you are sure to find curtains that perfectly match the color you have chosen.

The fantastic thing about this website is also that you can choose the material for your curtains and have them made specifically for your window. Having your curtains made to measure can also add a wonderful sense of luxury to your apartment, even if it’s a little smaller.

Keep your color scheme simple

When planning the interior design of your home, we recommend that you keep things simple at first, especially if you are a beginner at decorating.

While adding lots of color can seem like a good idea at the time, it can get overwhelming quickly and it can then be difficult to have a consistent theme.

If you have too much color in your room, it can soon feel a lot smaller than it really is. Instead, we recommend that you keep your color scheme simple at first.

This means you start with a neutral foundation on your walls and then choose a custom color and a metallic color.

For example a an upward trend Right now is a theme in white, pink and rose gold. As you can see, this combines a feature color, a metallic color, and a neutral color to provide the perfect color scheme for your home. This adds depth to the room but ensures that it remains light and airy.

Get a great rug

Another great way to get the most out of your small apartment is by buying a rug that will add space to the room. It is common to think that in a small apartment this automatically means that you should opt for a small rug. However, this is not the case! We would actually recommend that you buy a large rug, as it will help make a small room feel bigger than it really is.

With a rug, you can continue to pursue a neutral theme or use this as an opportunity to go for something bolder and choose a bright color. We also recommend that you coordinate other furnishing features with your carpets, such as your pillows.

Level lighting

In a small living space, you can also make the most of your lighting by overlaying your lighting.

In addition to a ceiling light, it is also a good idea to have lights on multiple levels in your room. These include table lamps and floor lamps that add atmosphere to your room and ensure that it is well lit, which makes the room feel more spacious than it really is.

Use our design solutions today to make the most of your small apartment!

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