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Whirlpool bath instead of bathtub

Whirlpool bath instead of bathtub

Wellness is very trendy. A jacuzzi is included. For a bathroom renovation, you’ve probably already come up with the idea of ​​replacing the conventional bathtub with a whirlpool. So that you do not regret the purchase of a hot tub, you should take some advice to protect you from disappointment.

It depends on the material and the care

If you have opted for a hot tub, then you should consider whether the pool is easy to maintain. Some types of pool require special care, others can be cleaned with normal household cleaners. When buying, you should ask the manufacturer to confirm which cleaning products are best for the purchased pool. Make sure they are not overpriced, otherwise the cleaning costs will be disproportionate. Not only the tub parts require special cleaning, the nozzles must also be observed during cleaning. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions so that you do not fall into any costs trap. When in use, keep in mind that under no circumstances should you use a conventional bubble bath for the spa. The foam worlds that you would then receive in the bathroom are unimaginable.

The operating costs are noteworthy

When choosing a suitable spa you should pay attention to the operating costs. Electricity costs can not be insignificant with a whirlpool. Especially with the warming of the water hidden costs may be incurred. To prevent this, the spa should be well insulated. The cooling of the water can be dammed up when a whirlpool is well insulated. You should therefore pay attention to the insulation when buying and additionally look at the energy costs. Allegedly cheap bargains can prove themselves over the years as true Stromfresser. The relaxation is quickly forgotten, if you always the consumption costs go through your head, if you should actually relax.

Pay attention to the equipment

Pay attention to the equipment of your pool of choice when buying. There can be decisive differences. Many pool types have only air bubble nozzles, others also offer underwater lighting for a color light therapy. Before you make a definitive decision to purchase, you should carefully consider what you expect from your pool, what it may cost, and what the monthly cost of use should be. A whirlpool is an investment that should pay off for years to bring years of enjoyment.