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black and white king size quilt

black and white king size quilt

How about investing in a king size quilt? The commercial blankets are easily found at the different lifestyle and bedding stores, but quilts are a rarity that pop up at different craft stores or are sold by ladies who specialize in this craft. For the rarity of handmade quilts, these are not only sparingly found but are also expensive. However, quilts can act as attractive bed coverings as well and will certainly make your bedroom or that of your children inviting and warm during the cold winter months.

The uniqueness of quilts is the softness that they offer, being made of fabric swatches put together in colorful, unique patterns and with soft fabric fillings inside. With the amount of effort that goes into the making of a king size quilt, it should come as no surprise that getting a handmade quilt of such a dimension will cost a fortune. In many homes grandmothers who have sewn such quilts leave behind heirlooms for the future generations.

If investing in a king size quilt is too much for you, you could opt for smaller size quilts that are uniquely crafted and can be used as wall hangings. Indeed, quilt covers can act as attractive accessory covers for furniture or act as decorative items themselves. In order to preserve the fabric colors and prints, some get the quilts framed in order to preserve the fabric material and the handiwork.

Where To Shop

If you are looking to buy a king size quilt, but have not come across any of the local craft exhibitions or other places, one way of finding them is online. Here many portals advertise quilts and many blogs promote the same as the handiwork of different people. One can place their orders directly and even order in a custom made quilt. In that way, one will have a specially made item for their home. Quilts can be wonderful gift items as well for loved ones. Check out the additions at different blogs and portals today.