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Accent wall color combinations for a breathtaking effect

Accent wall color combinations for a breathtaking effect

Creating beautiful accent walls can change the overall look and proportions of a room, as well as its mood and the feelings it evokes.

In recent years, accent walls have been perceived as bold and complementary wall pieces that played the role of a suitable backdrop for central pieces of furniture (beds, artwork, etc.). Today, however, an accent wall is any wall that attracts and maintains the viewer’s focus.

That means you’re counting on more choices than a single bold color: you’re invited to use original techniques, glue decals, and even create color combinations for accent walls.

How do I add an accent wall? Check our recommendations:


Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect1-1 Accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Soelberg Industries

If you want something simple and inconspicuous, change the texture. Select a specific wall and apply a different material to get the texture you want.

This technique brings a unique atmosphere into your home and you can be sure that no one will have a wall like yours.

Decals and designs

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect2 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Paul Kohlman Photography

Many people are scared to experiment with their walls and would never settle for intricate designs and decals (which is perfectly understandable!).

However, the brave among you can take advantage of this nifty element and push the boundaries of creative design that you thought you would never cross.


Accent wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 3 accent-wall-color-combinations for stunning-effectImage source: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Sounds strange, but even a window can play the role of an accent wall. If your home has breathtaking views of mountains, oceans, manufactured loans, or even urban areas, these are the views you should take advantage of.

Windows are by nature a real accent and offer your room a light and fresh change. If you like this option, leave the windows uncovered so as not to obstruct the view and paint the wall with neutral colors.

With no obstacles, the interior simply blends in with the interior and you have an exclusive home with minimal investment.

Accentuation with bookshelves

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 4 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Foursquare Builders

If you are an avid reader who likes books and beautiful built-ins to display those books, you can use the same bookcases to create the accent wall moment. Just pick a wall, paint the back a neutral color, and add bold shelves.

The colorful moment in black and white rooms

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 5 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: M / I houses

Black and white interiors are classy and sophisticated, but they can look too neutral if you don’t add a vibrant shade to make them vibrant and modern. For example, adding red is a timeless choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that darker shades make the room look smaller, and therefore you should only apply them in large, spacious rooms. The bathroom, for example, is not the best idea.

Accent stairs and hallways

Accent wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect6 accent-wall-color-combinations for stunning-effectImage source: Phil Kean Design Group

These are just a few of the places in home that we would never consider our accent areas. But how about using the accented moment to show the transition from one room to another?

Undecorated, long hallways make the place look cold and unwelcome, and this effect can easily be avoided with an accent wall.

We recommend natural materials and textures, strong splashes of color or a whole gallery of your favorite photos. Family memorabilia are also a great idea, especially for families who love to travel.

Accent walls throughout the room

We mentioned earlier how strong accent walls can be. So why not use it in the entire room? Neutral and calm environments can be drawn to full size instantly, especially if they are far from the entrance.

In the eyes of the guest it will look like an “unspoken invitation” to come in and make yourself comfortable.

Background images

Accent wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 7 accent-wall-color-combinations for stunning-effectSource: Dvira – Toronto Interior Design

Whenever you want to add characters, convey a message, or introduce a theme, you should look for interesting graphic wallpapers. There are companies that sell originally painted wallpaper, and you can order one that will go with the rest of your decor.

Wallpaper accents are especially attractive to children and a practical solution because you can replace them cheaply if your child gets bored with them.

Sometimes it is enough to change part of it and the room will immediately get a fresh look. In terms of colors, themes and materials, the choices are just endless!

Accent blankets

Accent wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 8 accent-wall-color-combinations for stunning-effectImage source: David Howell Design

Have you heard the phrase “fifth wall”? The name refers to the ceiling, which is likely another area that you never anticipated as an accent element.

If you ask us, ceilings are perfect for this role, especially when they are high and placed in a room with lots of windows and natural light.


Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 9 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Splendid interior

We all agree that sometimes you can hate the excessive murals that kids have in their rooms, but is that the case with adult murals too?

Murals speak of your interests and passions, and you can easily find the ones you really like. It could be a favorite quote, an athletic-inspired mural, an urban landscape, or whatever you do, it would add excitement and add a pop vibe to the room.

Those of you who aren’t brave enough to experiment should consider smaller stickers on your accent walls to see if a large mural in that room would be a good idea.

Accent walls covered in fabrics

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 10 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Gregory Phillips Architects

Fabrics play the same role as wallpaper, with the difference that they are even more unique and unforgettable. We recommend that you use them in the bedroom as they are soft and can serve as comfortable headboards.

Eye-friendly patterns

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 11 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Bryan Humphrey Design and Construction

The pattern of your accent wall is almost as important as its texture or color. Sometimes it is the most important moment for design as it has a theme without a theme.

Homes in the southwest, for example, prefer the old west vibe, and they try to make this clear with Aztec patterns. An optimized effect, on the other hand, can be achieved with minimalist / urban / industrial apartments, clean lines and linear solutions.

After all, cottage design and shabby chic homes work with solutions such as herringbone, diamond, color duos, and even basket weave patterns.

Display art on accent walls

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect 12 accent-wall-color-combinations for stunning-effectImage source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

This is a good solution for people who are bored with neutral solutions or who are celebrating art and want to see it on a central surface in their homes.

However, in order to place more pieces, you need a neutral wall that won’t take the focus off your artwork. Ideally, choose a larger wall where you can apply a lot of parts while maintaining harmony.

Do not exaggerate

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect13 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: International custom-made products

An accent wall can make a statement on its own so you don’t have to pile it up with details and accessories. It looks great even when empty, provided you’ve chosen an attractive color or texture.

If you’re still thinking of hanging pieces, hang them up so that they look balanced and simple.

Balance the colors

Accent-wall-color-combinations-for-stunning-effect14 accent-wall-color-combinations for-stunning-effectImage source: Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

Make sure there is proper coordination between every element in the room. Even when renovating and renovating, use similar colors and fabrics to maintain harmony.

There are many small details that can help you with this: carpets, curtains, pillows, flower arrangements, etc.