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Sink: granite or ceramic – what is better? Advantages and disadvantages compared

Sink: granite or ceramic – what is better? Advantages and disadvantages compared

If you are looking for a new kitchen sink, you should not only think about color and shape but also about the material of the kitchen sink. Because at no place in the kitchen is so much worked as at the kitchen sink. Since the material should fit to their own ideas of care, hygiene, etc.

Kitchen sink: granite or ceramic – advantages and disadvantages of sinks in comparison

How the two kitchen sink materials cut off granite and ceramic is explained in this article. Read the advantages and disadvantages of granite and ceramics and decide whether one of the two materials suits you and your kitchen design.

Maybe you are also interested in stainless steel sinks? Then the following sink comparisons are definitely interesting for you too:

Granite kitchen sink

Granite kitchen sinks are very resistant and scratch-resistant. In addition, they also hot pots effortlessly. Very often, the term “granite sinks” is also understood as meaning kitchen sinks made of a granite composite material. These rinses are usually formed from the hardest part of the granite and have a granite content of about 80%. Kitchen sinks made of a granite composite material are usually coated – thus they have excellent properties for use in the kitchen. They are very smooth, easy to clean, hygienic and available in many colors.

Benefits of a Granite Composite Sink

  • Easy care
  • Resistant and scratch-resistant
  • many colors – perfect for kitchen planning to your taste
  • Different shapes and sizes available
  • Hygienic – often available with an antibacterial, stain-resistant coating
  • heat-resistant

Disadvantages of a granite sink

  • Rather hard (“real” granite sinks are very hard, rinsing from the composite material are a bit softer)
  • Real granite has a rough surface (rinsing of the composite material are very smooth due to the coating)

Ceramic sink


Ceramic sinks are available in white as well as many different colors. They are available with both glossy and matt surfaces. But no matter which surface you like better – all ceramic sinks are particularly shock and scratch resistant and resistant to heat and cold. It is not for nothing that ceramic kitchen sinks are also called “Rolls Royce” under the kitchen sinks.

Ceramic sink benefits

  • Very scratch and shock resistant
  • Particularly acid, cold and heat resistant
  • Surface is smooth and easy to clean
  • Colorfast and antibacterial
  • Ceramic sinks are available in many colors

Ceramic sink cons

  • Ceramic sinks are quite expensive
  • Ceramic sinks are very heavy (about 15 – 25 kg)