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How to grow and care for Fuchsia

How to grow and care for Fuchsia

A sunny or dappled-shady spot is best for a healthy plant and a good show of flowers
They will tolerate most soil types, but will not fare well in the extremes where the ground is wet or dry
Hedges of hardy fuchsia only really grow well in mild locations – in colder regions they are killed to the ground in winter! This is one to try in the shelter of the city; southern England, coastal Wales, Cumbria and on the west coast of Scotland
How to plant
In the border
Plant the shrub base 5cm (2in) deeper than the soil level, covering the lower part of the stems. This gives the crown extra protection from harsh winters, and helps the plant to survive and regrow after winter cold snaps.

Smaller hardy Fuchsia are ideal little shrubs for growing in containers – great for adding long-lasting colour to a patio or paved area.

For healthy, container-grown plants, choose a loam-based

Can refer to either home-made garden compost or seed/potting compost:• Garden compost is a soil improver made from decomposed plant waste, usually in a compost bin or heap. It is added to soil to improve its fertility, structure and water-holding capacity. • Seed or potting composts are used for growing seedlings or plants in containers – a wide range of commercially produced composts are available, made from a mix of various ingredients, such as loam, coir, peat, sand and fertiliser, although you can mix your own.