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Investing in roller shutters for your company

Investing in roller shutters for your company

Shutters Rolling grilles offer optimal security for your business premises.

They can be applied to a number of aspects of your business including: storefronts, parking lots, and industrial complexes.

Whether you’re looking to increase security, find a cost-effective way to restrict access to your property, or increase energy-saving potential, look no further than roller shutters and grilles.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the key benefits of investing in roller shutters for your business.

Easy to install and maintain

Exterior_Rolling_Shutters_2-1600x679 Investment in roller shutters for your company

Shutters and grilles can be installed on almost any structure. If you buy from a reputable supplier like Hörmann, they will take care of the installation process.

Roller shutters are designed so that they do not interfere with the existing structure and require very little headroom above the structural opening.

Closure and grille designs such as ‘RollMatic’ are so compact that they only require an installation depth of 335 mm. They roll up compactly behind the lintel and no space is lost on the sides or on the ceiling.

Both shutters and grilles are incredibly durable and require little or no maintenance in daily use.

To back up

One of the main functions of shutters and grilles is to protect your property. Whether you own a business or an industrial complex, you need a solution that prevents thieves from using brute force to break into your property at points of entry such as doors and windows.

Both shutters and grilles offer extreme durability and protection against forced entry and secure the premises and your belongings inside.

Safe and easy to use

Whether you are looking for manual or remote controlled roller shutters, both offer a high level of security.

Manual constructions have tension springs that allow shutters and grilles to be opened with very little force to avoid injury.

They also limit the standard power consumption in the open and closed directions and minimize the risk of a person being trapped or damaged by the mechanism of the roller shutters.

Most manual roller shutters from reputable suppliers do not require any additional security measures, such as: B. Safety kits for closing edges, as they meet the legal requirements of DIN EN 12453.

Most remote controlled roller shutters and grilles have built-in sensor technology to ensure that people or objects cannot be trapped under the roller shutters.

This is especially important for roller shutters or grilles used in parking lots or industrial complexes where both people and vehicles require constant access.


Roller shutters and grilles are extremely affordable for the protection they provide to your property. Whether you are looking for a simple roller shutter design or something more complex using keychain technology, you will be surprised at how affordable they are. As mentioned above, they are also extremely durable and will last for many years.

Roller shutters can also provide additional economic benefits, especially for industrial and commercial complexes. Doors and openings can occupy large parts of buildings and therefore give off heat without proper insulation. To counteract this, roller shutters are available that offer additional insulation to store the heat when the shutters are down.

If you decide to invest in roller shutters or rolling grilles for your business, choose a reputable supplier Hörmann – Who takes care of the installation process and offers a generous guarantee so you can be sure that the shutters you have invested in are built to last.