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Vintage home decor style and ideas

Vintage home decor style and ideas

Being modern and up to date is popular these days, but it can also be bold and refreshing to step away from it and try something different like vintage home decor. Trying to decorate your home in a more vintage way will get a nice result as you move away from your preferred style and move on to something more creative that is different from the usual choices. While vintage design can limit you, it’s relaxed and real. -1 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Mint Home Decor

Something that reflects you

A vintage look can be a lot of things – don’t think of it as something harsh as it can bypass anything you want. Your interests can contribute as most people create a vintage look through their hobbies and preferences. Try to choose your style based on a favorite designer. The most important thing is to use authentic and original decorations.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-2 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Jessica Buckley Interiors

A single collection or a vintage painting could just be one thing that exudes this look for vintage and is easy to spot. Pick something that defines your character and display it in one of the corners of the room.

Choose topic

When talking about vintage-style décor, it is important to know which era suits you best – whether it’s the glamorous 20s or the exciting 60s, it is important that that era describes you. What are the characteristics of this time? Choose the look that should make the statement you want. It is best when you feel good about yourself showing off something you love in your own way.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-3-1 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: bright design lab

Wallpaper that says something

You don’t have to overwhelm the entire area – a specific center point is enough to define your message. The right wallpaper creates exactly this feeling. An old looking pattern or a retro ’70s geometric style is just right for this type of style. Tartan and geographic prints emphasize the retro atmosphere and enliven the room with their colorful elegance. Animal prints are also great choices for adding color to your walls and a touch of extravagance too.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-4 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Design Vidal

Another piece of furniture

Vintage furniture is mostly second hand, but the good thing is that it is unique and one of a kind with a vintage style. Finding a whole set of vintage furniture may be difficult, but sometimes an extraordinary piece is just what you need to make a room stand out. Try combining different types of furniture while using one piece as the main point.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-5 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Norman Kohl for Nathan Mayo & Associates

Modern furniture like a fashionable dining table, armchair or stylish plush lounge could be enough to accompany your original vintage piece. Use simple furniture to pop that one piece.

The right colors

Mint green and duck egg blue are colors that give any room a vintage feel. Pastel colors of this kind are sure to maximize the retro atmosphere in your room.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-6 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Jessica Helgerson interior design

Use mirrors

It is known that certain types of mirrors create the effect of a vintage room. A refined style like elaborate frames and ornate details make this easy but often become overwhelming. Wood-painted frames and pale natural colors usually do this, but with more subtle results.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-7 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Kelley & Company Home

Whatever you choose, in combination with the right decorations and good wallpaper, the mirror not only complements your preferred style, but also expands the space and lets more light into the surroundings.

The right wall art

Achieving a vintage effect isn’t difficult when you have the right wall art. Combining your favorite artistic photos and pieces is a surefire way to create a wonderful presentation in your home. They could be versatile, but make sure you have a common ground by making the frames the same, or at least the same style.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-8 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Daniella Photography


It’s nice to be open-minded when thinking about what could give your space the personality you were projecting onto. A retro pattern pillow or a simple and stylish lamp could be just the vintage decorating ideas that will accentuate your space. You can even do something yourself by incorporating your own patterns into the accessories.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-9-1 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: modern lines. Vintage finds. Interior design

Every detail matters – a retro teacup or geometric style lampshade could be just right for the room. Make sure you have a continuous theme – it’s important to be consistent.

everything works

You can’t match what you want as there are no limits to a vintage style. All colors are welcome and mixing tones like pink, green, yellow and even duck blue can still fill this authentic setting. A small painted shelf might be enough, especially when mixed with various jugs of all kinds, cups, plates, and many other items that could be the perfect decoration. A mismatch in your collections can be a perfect way to bring color and nostalgia to your room in style.

Vintage-Home-Decor-Style-and-Ideas-10 vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Jute interior design


What other way to express a vintage vibe if not with fabrics? A wooden box full of pine cones and rails next to your fireplace is a really good detail to work with. Another thing that could have a sure effect on the atmosphere is wooden matches about 1 foot in length. Apart from their practicality, they complement the space with a rare and cozy atmosphere. Never underestimate the impression the fabrics make – use them as often as possible.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-11-1 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: J. Stephens Interiors

A bathroom that exudes nostalgia

You can spread the vintage aura even in the most clueless of spaces. Adding an old world touch to your bathroom can give it exactly the charm it needs. To create a pleasant ambience, simple flower curtains and an old chest of drawers must be enough.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-12-1 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: farmhouse inspired bathroom

Vintage kitchen

When it comes to vintage interior design, the kitchen is a space that instantly connects. When you fill the room with milk bottles, carpet bats, salt and pepper shakers, and candy jars, the effect of warmth and memory radiates all over the room. Using the large washboard element from the 80s is also a good move as it is a signature detail that makes any vintage kitchen complete.

Vintage-home-decor-style-and-ideas-13-1 Vintage home decor style and ideasImage source: Pinewold