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Don’t avoid rustic kitchen decorations

Don’t avoid rustic kitchen decorations

There aren’t too many kitchens these days that can be described as desperate, worn, or even roughly hewn, and none of those descriptions are likely to remind us of one.

The way we picture kitchens these days is more of a crisp white scenario, polished hardware with nickel handles and stunning marble tops.

It seems as if rustic kitchen decorations have long been forgotten, and the cozy wintry moment in which hot bowls of macaroni are poured with cheese, which only the rustic interior of the kitchen allows, is no longer a cozy favorite moment.

Avoid Non-Rustic Kitchen Decorations10 Avoid Non-Rustic Kitchen DecorationsImage source: Hill Farm Furniture Ltd.

The truth, however, is that rustic kitchens are more popular than ever – the difference is that people like to refer to them as “patinated,” “antiquated,” or “reclaimed”. Use any of these terms when deciding how to decorate a rustic kitchen and there are a variety of great ideas to consider.

First, read our tips for decorating rustic kitchens:

The rustic power of wood

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations2 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Karl Neumann Photography

Note that certain woods are more “rustic” than the others. Pine is the most charismatic option to add to your rustic kitchen. Hickory is a great alternative for this.

Pine, with all its knots and natural bulges, is best for kitchen floors, and you can choose the shade you want as it varies from orange to very dark brown.

Remember that pine is also an excellent choice for contemporary design and is great for cabinets, islands and countertops.

Rustic ceilings

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations13 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: General contractor for Giffin & Crane, Inc.

Small kitchens really could use a stunning, rustic ceiling to be the focal point and attract attention.

Adding a rustic feel to the ceiling usually involves carving or adding wooden beams that add to the organic feel of your kitchen without cluttering it.

Stone elements

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations1 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Hoyt / CTA Architects

Wood isn’t the only natural element that you can use to give your kitchen a rustic flair. Stone is a more powerful feature indeed, whether you implement it through fireplace clues or put an entire Tumble River Rock on the wall.

Certain homeowners choose flagstone for their floors, but we don’t recommend this option without rugs, which may keep the kitchen warmer.

Sparkling fire

It doesn’t mean you have to install an entire fireplace in your kitchen to add a toasted heart. The place can also feel cozy with wood stoves and small fire pits so you don’t have to renovate or spend too much money.

Modest lighting for a complete look

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations8 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Clayton & Little Architects

One thing is for sure: modern and powerful lights will ruin the rustic look and you would be doing your best for nothing.

That’s because they’re obviously out of place and the first to grab attention compared to your wonderful rustic additions.

When you define a topic, stay consistent. With rustic design, keep in mind that your idea is to make the place look older than it is. This is precisely why you invest in expensive wooden structures and do not want this charm to be irreversibly lost.

Therefore, illuminate the room with modest additions such as rusted metal chandeliers or wooden wall fittings. This is exactly what a rustic room needs.


Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations3 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Lake Country Builders

Your only choice for furniture is wood. We recommend knotty pieces of natural and untreated woods, ideally unpainted and with all of their original imperfections.

Rustic kitchens can be identified by such weaknesses because these are the most authentic and effortless rustic moments that you could possibly take advantage of.

For an even more powerful look, we recommend mahogany, which can make the straightforward refinement look even easier than it is.

Kitchen islands

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations4 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: ROBERT WADE AND ASSOCIATES

Islands are the cutest and most stylish cooking accessories for kitchens of all styles and designs. For rustic themes, choose ones that are decorated with brick or stone, or even use old barn boards as seating areas.

If you want to spend less time thinking about ideas, buy a simple set of wooden chairs: all of them can look amazing in a rustic kitchen.


Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations7 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Mountain concepts

Rustic kitchens are not only cozy and eye-catching, they are also one of the most functional scenarios you can choose for your kitchen.

Knowing how people perceive these spaces as gathering spaces rather than cooking them should consider a rustic interior that is both functional and comfortable to spend time in.

It is for this reason that most people choose to renovate a brand new and modern kitchen, consciously incorporating old elements to make it more comfortable.

Of course, beauty is still high on the priority list, sometimes even higher than durability and functionality, but that only gives countertops made of natural materials more performance.

In this case, consider block tables or distinctive stone planks for the butcher block.


Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations5 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: KDW Home / Kitchen Designworks

A rustic kitchen just can’t do without a proper table, whether you’re eating there or drinking morning coffee instead.

Country-style tables are irreplaceable additions to the rustic character of your kitchen, especially made of pine.

Warm pallets

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations6 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Peace design

Knowing which materials are most commonly used in rustic kitchens is easy to guess which colors to use.

Rustic palettes are actually based on natural components (wood fittings, stone, or ceramic), which means the base colors they offer are brown, oranges, and yellows, plus a handful of pale greens and blues for the wall painting.

Remember, the palette is meant to be applied throughout the room, including equipment, utensils, and dishes.

Farmhouse is sinking

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations14 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Lohss construction

Is there anything better than a country kitchen sink to complete the rustic look of your kitchen? Most of the time you can find one at a fraction of the cause, and you can even buy a used one because it’s made of durable materials (iron, copper, granite, etc.)

Still, calculate the available space – the farm sinks are larger than the traditional ones, which can be either a competitive advantage or an improper fit.


Avoid Non-Rustic Kitchen Decorations11 Avoid Non-Rustic Kitchen DecorationsImage source: Cabinetry Dynamics

Accessories can change or destroy your rustic plans as their amazing transformative power shifts them between mundane and boring and completely exciting.

Rustic country-style kitchens look best when decorated with clay pots, old chandeliers, checkerboard curtains, iron candle holders, and similar accessories.

domestic appliances

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations9 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Kitchen choreography

Many people think that making a kitchen look really rustic is no longer an option as it cannot be done without modern and obviously newer appliances.

The counterintuitive part of the story, however, is that integrating these devices is a doable process that can offset rather than destroy the rustic feel of space.

The juxtaposition of wood and elegant stainless steel is one of the most popular and trendy solutions for rustic kitchens. So don’t hesitate to buy this amazing brand new refrigerator that you like so much.

In fact, many technology brands these days are releasing retro lines to make the process easier for people – they produce 20th century appliances to add to your rustic surroundings.

Final thoughts

Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorations12 Avoid non-rustic kitchen decorationsImage source: Proctor Watts Cole Rutter

The purpose of renovating a room is to make you feel better in that room, far more than making it a feast for the eyes. Rustic designs are tailored for this purpose only as their only goal is to make your home more comfortable.

At the same time, rustic scenarios are lonely and independent, at least not to the extent that you couldn’t combine them with elegant and refined solutions.

Another distinctive advantage is the timeless character of rustic – old never gets old! Old school solutions just get more charming over time, and you can keep them for as long as you enjoy being surrounded by them.

If you think converting your kitchen into a rustic haven is too serious a task for you, reach out to a reputable contractor and seek help.

Research outstanding renovation projects and develop your own ideas about the atmosphere that should inspire your kitchen.