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Nursery wallpaper ideas for your little ones

Nursery wallpaper ideas for your little ones

To make a playful, child-friendly children’s room, you can beat the hearts of little ones with beautiful nursery wallpaper. Suitable motives for children’s room wallpapers are like sand on the sea. Depending on the age, interests of the child and possibly also whether it is a boy or a girl, one can implement his ideas of the individual request nursery. Below are some ideas that can be used as inspiration.

Little girls often dream of being princesses. If you want to fulfill this wish, for example, offers a wallpaper with a fairy tale castle á la Cinderella in the background. With a small canopy over the bed so sweet dreams are almost guaranteed. The little mouse will feel like Princess Lillifee? Motives like Hello Kitty are also very popular with girls, or how about magical unicorns and fairies? Horse fans are sure to enjoy wallpapers with flower meadows, horses and foals.

If you have a little rascal who would most like to become the new Schumi or Vettel, a room in racer design with brisk cars on the nursery wallpaper is optimal. No matter if animated comic motives from Disney’s Cars or rather a normal chic speedster, with a matching bed in the car look the nursery is completely in the racing driver design. Football fans are guaranteed to love a pattern wallpaper with little footballs. Astronauts and space explorers will appreciate nursery wallpaper with the different planets, moons and stars or even funny rockets.

For little adventurers and budding deep-sea explorers a wallpaper in underwater design is chic. Colorful fish, funny octopuses, filigree seahorses and sunken treasure chests can then stretch across the nursery wallpaper. Little buccaneers and pirates are happy about nursery wallpaper with pirate ships, small islands with palm trees and treasure boxes. Anyone who dreams of winning tournaments and conquering castles as a bold knight will be delighted with motifs such as knight castles or a smart sign on the wall.

In general, rather simply kept wallpaper with beautiful, child-friendly borders or even individual wall tattoos can be spiced up. So not directly the whole room with large-scale patterns or motifs designed, where you can see optically faster. No matter which motive one ultimately chooses, with the matching nursery wallpaper you can create a beautiful kingdom for your little ones to play and dream.