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Wingback chairs ideas: How to stage the classic!

Wingback chairs ideas: How to stage the classic!

Wingback chairs have been around since there are furniture stores. At that time called the Easteback Chair, the comfortable armchair should protect the head from cold drafts by the attached “ears”. Old wingback chairs are the epitome of comfort – no wonder, because the shape of the chair makes you feel embraced by it. The head is protected by the two supports that you can comfortably lean on in the furniture for a small nap. If you want to get a wing chair, you should look for a suitable one stool do not give up. Finally, it can be even more relaxing with a stool – so the wing chair is the new favorite place.

The wing chair – a traditional piece of furniture

Its origin was the striking design in the 17th century in the English “Winchester” model, which is now considered a true rarity. In older versions, we know the earback chair as Favorite place of our grandfather on which he used to smoke his pipe comfortably with a newspaper in his hand. But the wing chair has put away its dusty, reputable image, because now is “old” back in. The armchairs with the ears range from the traditional wing chair in the Chesterfield look up to models in the Retro look like the “egg” by Arne Jacobsen or the “Grand Repos” by Eames. Both copies have become true classics.

The classic reinterpreted

For a long time, the wingback chair by many designers interpreted in a modern way and can be reconciled with many lifestyle styles. Next Designer armchairs and numerous new editions of well-known manufacturers, the wingback chairs are also available in a simple look for everyday use. Especially popular armchair with covers that can be easily removed and gently cleaned in the washing machine. But variants with wheels, tilt function or stand-up help are becoming increasingly popular.