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Great ideas for pallet beds to brighten up your space

Great ideas for pallet beds to brighten up your space

The way we look, we are surrounded by pallets. We use them for packaging, storage, shipping … This is one of the underrated items that can be used in several variations.

Instead of putting the pallets in the garage or basement, save them and use a little creativity to make some interesting pieces of furniture or house elements.

Nowadays, the DIY method is very popular and people like to feel useful and choose to do a lot of things by themselves.

So many everyday materials were thrown away in vain. Instead of just removing the pallets from your yard, relieve them and bring them to life.

Bedside tables, bed frames, tables, a lot of interesting pieces of furniture can be made from pallets. There are several advantages to using pallets:

  • First, it’s cheap, you already have a basic material and just need a few more details
  • They recycle and make a good turn for the planet
  • Pallets are very easy to find. Just find them in a store or warehouse closest to you

Wooden pallets on their own are not very attractive without processing, because with minimal effort and little creativity they can turn into a beautiful piece of furniture, made by your own hands on a budget.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room1 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your RoomImage source: Duckworth Interiors

From the coffee table to shelves to the jardinière and garden lounge chairs, you can place pieces of furniture from DIY pallets.

When used as a whole, the pallets can be a base for many types of furniture, from beds to coffee tables with wheels.

This solution can be effective and aesthetically impressive.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room2 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

Another interesting piece that can be made is a kitchen countertop, a dresser for magazines, and a shelf for spices.

We will focus on the most functional furniture solution and make different types of beds from the pallets. Beds are the most common and widely used piece of furniture and ideas on how to make a bed are endless. One of the ideas is a pallet bed.

How do I create a pallet bed pallet bed frame?

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room3 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

While most pallets are made of wood, there are also pallets made of metal, plastic, paper, and recycled materials.

We can use any material as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what type of item you want to make. Just choose according to your needs and create a bed from pallets.

Nobody can deny that wood always brings warmth and pieces into the rooms.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room8 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

If you want your home to be a lovely family home, you can opt for a layered pallet bed frame with a white tile background as the headboard.

You should leave the rest of the space neutral for this piece of furniture to express itself as this is also a neutral type of pallet bed.

It is always holiday time and we should celebrate life on every opportunity we get. Why not decorate your DIY bed frame with twinkling fairy lights and add a little Christmas cheer to any part of the year.

If you have a small bedroom, you will likely need storage space.

But don’t worry, we have a versatile idea.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room7 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

In this case, pallets can be used as a bed headboard and floating bedside table. But that’s not all, the space under the pallets that you can use to store books and magazines. Practical and nice, right?

Washwood furniture is an absolute hit in the world of architecture.

It looks casual, warm and has so many variations and can combine vintage and industrial looks.

If you are one of the fans too and want to furnish your bedroom with this piece of furniture, a rough, natural finish is enough to achieve this effect. Make your vintage DIY pallet bed.

DIY white chic pallet platform bed with storage space is another of the great pallet bed ideas and can brighten up your space.
If you prefer a minimalist black, this is also a good idea, and it goes best with glass and silver details.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room5 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

Pallets can also be used as a bed base. However, you need to consolidate them by collecting at least four to six pallets per level of the base.

The base can be left unpainted and look more provincial and casual, or you can paint it and completely freshen up your sleeping area.

You all know that bed frames are expensive pieces of furniture and not everyone can afford to have one. But without a frame, a bed looks incomplete and incomplete.

Fortunately, we have pallets and DIY methods that are becoming more popular.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room4 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

Now we can all afford a bed frame without spending a lot of money. We just need some creativity and determination.

They can be made in different sizes and shapes, and since they’re pretty cheap, we can change them if we change the mood or the rest of our room.

Here are some of the ideas, but you can mix up the variations and create your own.

What does a floating platform bed sound like? Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Now you can have one. And you can put lights under the bed for a floating effect. Romantic and elegant combination.

Green and wood are inextricably linked, so you can integrate our boho-chic atmosphere.
Another shade of green is turquoise. This delicate, feminine color can be combined with the warm touch of fairy lights.

For a small home, the best solution is the storage bed, which can be used to store books, clothes, and toys.

If you have a large bedroom and don’t want to overcrowd it, just add a few pieces and the frame may be the only element that draws attention.

For a rustic effect, use some basic tools and logs to make a block bed frame.

You have probably heard of the Scandinavian style. It’s an airy, neutrally open style that will make your bedroom breathe.

The focus here is on a pallet bed frame. Simple but beautiful.

You want to do something creative and joyful for your bedroom.

Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room6 Great Pallet Bed Ideas To Brighten Your Room

A light green bed paired with gold and greenback wallpaper is the perfect option for your mood.

DIY bed frames made from concrete blocks can be very handy and convenient for storage. With or without coloring, they will help you with your space both times.

A classic, simple bed frame with a plain white duvet always looks fresh and clean.

For a minimalist Japanese style, choose a low pallet bed frame, don’t use a lot of elements and leave your space open to some natural earth energy.

As you can see, there are many mixes and styles for interesting bedroom pallet beds and bed frames.