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Indoor lighting ideas and tips for the home

Indoor lighting ideas and tips for the home

How much do you really think about lighting ideas for your home? Beyond decorative effects and whenever a light bulb goes out. The fact is that most people only think about how to light their home when they choose new lights or when the lights go out.

That truth is that such a perspective is pathetically short-sighted. Effective lighting doesn’t end with simply shedding a little light on the situation. Effective lighting should be able to create a mood and blend comfortably with the particular aesthetics of your home’s interior design while providing reliable and affordable lighting. If you sit there wondering if something like this is actually possible, read on.

The Enlightenment

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It’s time to step out of the shadows of the dark age of home lighting ideas based on choosing between purely functional and purely decorative. The interior lighting elucidation begins with realizing that Thomas Edison’s wizardry was not only overrated as an inventor, but it cost you and your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents significant costs not only in terms of money but also in terms of health.

The technology of more energy efficient lightbulbs of the 21st century goes back to the war of currents between Edison and Nikola Tesla at the turn of the 19th century.

These CFC lamps, which fundamentally changed the landscape of interior lighting ideas, would have been the status quo of the past century if Tesla’s fluorescent lamp had received the deeply funded PR campaign that instead supported Edison’s alternative to incandescent lamps and burned generations of fingers and fingers Suspended Insufficient visibility every time a new one was screwed into a fixture.

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The development of technology to provide the light has brought about a just revolution in the hardware through which that technology is transmitted. And that means indoor lighting that has improved your eyes’ ability to see things, improves your ability to feel more secure in your own home, calibrates the emotional tenor of a particular room (or even individual areas within a room), and your overall score to increase comfort.

Thanks to the expanded capacity of new and improved technologies ranging from CFCs to halogen to LED lamps, today’s lighting fixtures are far more versatile when it comes to controlling the brightness, color and temperature of light.

The result is interior lighting that goes way beyond the cold functionality of yesterday without forcing you to indulge in the dysfunctional extreme décor of the avant-garde.

Best of all, the cost of improved lighting has lagged far behind the inflationary cost of other interior design advances.

Development of a lighting game plan

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Of course, one person’s affordability will always be out of reach for another. For this reason, the modern development of lighting technology can best be used by first creating a game plan. And this game plan is really just a very simple checklist.

What tasks are highlighted (watching TV, cooking, sewing, playing video games, reading, etc.)

Is the lighting used to control mood or manipulate emotional states?

Is there any decor in the room that you can use light to enhance (wallpaper, paintings, movie posters, artwork for children, a sculpture of your significant other, etc.)?

Note the darker and lighter colors of the surrounding decor. Note that the darker the colors, the darker they are, while lighter colors will reflect it.


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Today’s fluorescent lighting is not your grandmother’s fluorescent lighting. Leave behind the memories of flickering, buzzing tubes that take about two minutes to finally prepare for the wonderful world of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) to illuminate every single interior and not just the kitchen.

CFL bulbs last longer than Edison’s incandescent bulbs, which the History Channel likes, and have the added benefit of producing more light than heat. (The exact opposite of what most think about when they hear the words “lightbulb”.

By the way, walking through the lighting department of a store these days can be a real eye-opener for your grandmother. She spent most of her life expecting lightbulbs to last three or four months before they burned out.

Your life is passed with the expectation that lightbulbs will last at least a year or two to two decades before burning out. You do not believe that? Visit your local supermarket and take a closer look at the labels on the latest lightbulbs on the market.

This really is an amazing time to get into more indoor lighting!

Don’t get fixated on a single device

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Gone are the days when interior lighting had to be switched to the idea of ​​a single light fixture to do all of the work. That recessed ceiling light that can’t quite bear the load? One of the advantages of the fluorescent revolution is the ceiling-mounted lights that are obscured by translucent panels.

The panels can easily be replaced with new colors depending on the occasion. These strange looking CFL bulbs can screw into any existing lamp. So you can be wild looking for lights to complement this old fashioned ceiling light.

Indoor lighting ideas and tips for the home 8 ideas and tips for indoor lighting for the home

Consider using spotlights to draw attention to elements of your decor that you value most. Accent lighting can be achieved by placing lights directly below or above these items. And here’s a little interior designer’s secret: the sweet spot for shining a spotlight on an object for maximum attention is an angle of exactly 30 degrees.

Fiber optics is another interior lighting idea that offers a touch of aesthetics at a surprisingly affordable price. Light is transmitted through small strands of fiberglass or acrylic. Although designed more for appearance than function, the great thing about fiberglass is that, if you use enough strands, it can deliver surprisingly robust lighting levels.

Indoor lighting tips Not to be discarded

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The most important tip for indoor lighting can be that you should always keep in mind that absolutely every other aspect of interior design in any room can be radically changed by changing your lighting. Introducing a ceiling chandelier into a room that used to have lamps at shoulder height creates a far more dramatic sense of light and shadow than you can imagine. Likewise, the purer, cleaner light from today’s fluorescent lamps will replace the harshness of the long tubes that are currently in use.

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Recessed and pendant lights are particularly good sources of lighting for certain tasks, from cooking to working in the home office. If you are looking for a little bit unusual ideas for interior lighting in your home, consider traditional exterior lighting.

These outdoor wall sconces and lamps all use the same electricity and lightbulbs as their indoor counterparts, but give off a very different feel.

Another very important factor in the 21st century lighting revolution that you absolutely must know is that the descendants of Nikola Tesla are considered to be more energy efficient than Edison’s outdated incandescent bulb as they emit more light than heat.

Since Edison’s models are exactly the opposite, you can pull the lights a little closer and set the power a little brighter without worrying about room temperature.