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East and west of the kingsdown mattress

East and west of the kingsdown mattress

Kingsdown is a Canada based mattress manufacturing company since 1904 and changes the lives of the people for over 100 years. Kingsdown shows severe devotion to craftsmanship and uses superior quality materials. The custom of superiority is continuing today also along with sleep science.

The kingsdown mattress manufacturer implants the features like reducing odor, impeding retention of body heat and limiting transfer of motion in the mattress. Kingsdown mattress holds variety of range spanning from soft to firm type of mattresses. Stylish tailoring, elegant features, higher pressure respite is the characteristics of the Kingsdown® mattresses.

Trust – From 1904 the Kingsdown mattresses provides sleeping solutions with constantly adapting technology. Kingsdown is a trend setter and not a trend follower.

Feel – Kingsdown mattresses are built with premium material that provides more soothe when the occupant lie down.
Inner Springs – Individually wrapped coils permits the mattresses to be traditional and lessen the partner commotion. Occupants can sleep undisturbed and soundly.

Full Body Surround® – Kingsdown mattresses are six sided enclosed mattresses which offer corner to corner sleeping place which permits the body to conform.

Cushion Cloud® Build – This is patent construction which offers a Low pressure® sleeping place for the occupant. It permits deep down soothe for a peaceful sleep.

Vertical Zoning – Exactly covered console materials permit the occupant’s body to float in the natural location. The occupants will gain utmost pressure relief and relaxed sleep.

Wood Foundation – The woods are harvested from the lumber forest that provides basic support to the mattress and hence it supports the spinal cord, shoulder, head, heels and hip in the correct aligned position.

The available size of the kingsdown mattresses are Queen Size, king size, kingset and Queenset. It provides Customizable place to sleep, separately flexible pocketed coil with foam and gel fillings that provides moisture and heat resistance to the occupant. In addition to the cooling gel it holds ventilated corners to diffuse heat. Kingston mattresses are available with 20 years warranty. The king and queen bed room set accommodates the basic bedroom sets (a dresser, a nightstand and a bed) along with additional furniture’s like an armoire, chest of drawers, a bench, mirror, lamp and a second nightstand.