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Moroccan interior design ideas, pictures and furniture

Moroccan interior design ideas, pictures and furniture

Using a Moroccan interior design theme in your home is very popular all over the world and it reflects the diverse cultural heritage of the country to create a unique and effective style. The Moroccan theme uses a combination of brightly colored fabrics, intricate carvings and arched doors, and embraces the mix of cultural influences inherent in the country’s history.

It is one of the few countries that borders both the Atlantic and Mediterranean and has a population that includes many Arab, Berber, European, and African immigrants south of the Sahara. This rich combination of people has helped build Morocco’s reputation as a romantic, exciting and fascinating place that has attracted the attention of many famous writers and directors.

Moroccan interior design

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Using a Moroccan style in your home will help create a warm and welcoming environment while maintaining a stylish image. It is important that you include a few key features to ensure that your design works well and produces the effect you want.

Since a Moroccan style is supposed to appeal to your senses, it is a good idea to pay attention to the use of aroma in your room so you may want to include some scented candles from an oil burner in your design.

The use of elements of Arabic designs and patterns in your room ensures that it looks really authentic. Aim for pieces that have a good mix of textures and colors

By creating a mood board of various Moroccan interior design images to explore ideas and combinations of different colors and styles, you can ensure that your design has the right balance and find new sources of inspiration. Try experimenting with items that have a French, Spanish, or African influence on the design.

Create a Moroccan theme

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The main element in creating a Moroccan theme is the colors. Make sure you use bold and light shades that are still warm and relaxing. Good colors are terracotta, gold, red, lavender, purple, sunset yellow, silver, jade green, fuchsia, and royal blue

Moroccan ornaments and other decorative items are also very effective. For example, you can put a peacock feather in a large vase, mosaics, carved wood, high ceilings, and patterned window frames also work very well.

The use of large floor cushions and poufs covered in beautiful fabrics is a key element in Moroccan decor. Vibrant and bold fabrics help create an environment that is full of comfort and sensuality, along with Persian style carpets for flooring. and curtains made of light fabric.

Moroccan interior ideas

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If you are planning to create a Moroccan style room in your home, you want to create a space that is fascinating by using the right mix of warm tones, relaxing lighting and really interesting furniture. Keeping the following points in mind can help ensure that your designs are truly effective.


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Make sure your color choices reflect the rich, warm tones of the sunrise and the earthy, natural colors of the country.

Make sure your use of colors isn’t too overwhelming by creating a neutral base like beige or cream. You can then add many different, lighter colors and textures using a combination of fabrics, colors and patterns.

Amber, jade, royal blue, and other bold, deep colors look very effective when placed on a simple oatmeal or vanilla background, along with accents of silver, gold, or black.

Moroccan furniture

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As mentioned earlier, low seating is an important feature of Moroccan furniture. When you create this look, floor pillows and ottoman for sitting work very well.

Other ideas for Moroccan furniture are wrought iron items, or you can even make a plaster cast for your bed, as is popular in many Marrakech houses.

Adding a mosaic design to your room is another way to incorporate the Moroccan theme into your room, whether you are tiling the floor, wall, or using small areas of mosaic in your furniture and other decorations.


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For a truly traditional Moroccan feel, consider painting your wall with neutral colors. Consider a shade of oat, sand, or beige.

Alternatively, you can create the look with tiles. Using bold, bold colors usually works best if you have the courage to do so.


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They should aim to maintain an ambience in the room and provide interesting patterns and shadows to create an intoxicating and sensual atmosphere.

Try using pendants of different heights and a variety of lamps, and experiment with using different shades for your lights. Colored glass shades can be an ideal choice.


Using Moroccan mirrors can be a very simple and effective way to give a room a really authentic feel, especially when used in living rooms or entrance areas. Opt for large framed mirrors. An ornate frame made of wood, wrought iron, steel, or with a mosaic pattern really goes a long way in achieving the results you want.


A multitude of beautiful green plants on display in large ornate pots round off any Moroccan themed room perfectly. Placing them directly across from a large mirror can make the room feel really bigger and full of green with the use of light and reflections.

Moroccan pictures

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Having artwork on your walls can complete your look. Moroccan images and photographs displayed in ornate frames really help bring together colored and stylistic elements in your rooms.

Other things

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If you are really serious about making your home look really authentic, there are some real Moroccan pieces you can add to your home.

You might consider buying traditional, intricately carved furniture or ornaments made from dark Moroccan wood. Alternatively, you can purchase pillowcases, tablecloths, or other authentic fabrics to complete your look.

Moroccan stools are another good item to buy. They are usually made of leather or embroidered fabrics. They have always been a staple of Moroccan furniture, so they are an ideal way to add a functional yet attractive touch to your look.

Moroccan furniture and other items are known for their high quality craftsmanship and beautiful design.

Choosing a Moroccan interior design theme in your home is an ideal way to create a space that is welcoming, interesting, and warm. Using a mix of colors and textures can help add depth to the room design while keeping it clean and tidy. When everything is done well, the Moroccan interior design can be sensual, relaxing and calming while still maintaining a light and airy feel.