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Four easy ways to liven up an old room

Four easy ways to liven up an old room

Like everything else in life, our homes age. From the wear and tear of daily life to environmental factors, the attractiveness and physical beauty of a home can be compromised for years and decades.

In addition to physical and structural deterioration, the general appearance of a home can age. New trends and design styles can ultimately make a once stunning home look remarkably dated.

While some home improvement and design projects can be incredibly expensive, various improvements can be made that are both simple and affordable.

Read on to take on the challenge in a room or the entire house and find four easy ways you can reinvigorate an older room in the house.

Give the bottoms some TLC

Carpet Room Four easy ways to liven up an old room

In today’s world of home design, carpets and hard floors are back: this can be one of the easiest ways to improve the look of an old room.

If you already have hardwood floors in the house, you can give them an updated look recoat them Apply with enamel, epoxy resin or just clean and wax.

A full renovation may be required for those who don’t have hardwood floors. Don’t fret, though: a lot of hard flooring can be bought for as little as $ 1 per square foot, which means it’s quite affordable to renovate an outdated and aged space.

Hit some paint on it

painted room Four easy ways to liven up an old room

One of the biggest factors in how fast rooms are at home age is the appearance of the walls. Whether it’s smoke or just life in general, the walls of a room can lose their bright and appealing color over time.

Fortunately, a new paint job in an old room can go a long way in revitalizing and restoring the shine (use this option) Color calculator to determine how much paint you need for a room).

You can go for a generic, neutral color like white, or opt for a more striking and vibrant selection to further coordinate the style of the room.

Attack the base plate and the molding

In many situations, architects and home design experts can instantly see how old a house is Investigating baseplates, Moldings and other accents near the floor and ceiling of a room.

This is one of the most important factors in determining how old or modern a room looks. When looking to modernize a room, replacing or simply removing these elements can help.

Rooms without time-specific accents can appear more timeless. Combined with a smart design strategy that includes the right furniture and accessories, you can keep a room looking modern for decades.

Throw in some paint

colorful old room Four easy ways to liven up any old room

Last but not least, throwing some touches of color into an older room can make a huge difference in its appeal and ambience. A generic, neutral space can be very appealing if properly designed, but older homes with fewer options for modern design can be enhanced with the use of brightly colored paintings, carpets, furniture, and other elements (it also creates great contrast if done properly). .

It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive to breathe new life into every room in the house. Sometimes removing selected elements is key to opening up spaces and giving them a timeless look.

In other cases, simply adding a modern twist through furniture and decor can make a world of difference. Regardless of the strategy you prefer, you now have four possible options for enhancing the dated look of a room.