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Useful standard mattress size chart

Useful standard mattress size chart

Human beings spend most of the time in their life in sleeping. A good relaxing sleep makes us fresh and cheerful. For a good sleep a good mattress is essential. The mattress should have all the qualities to provide comfortable and sound sleep to the user. The size of the mattress is also important for that matter.

 Softness: The softness of the mattress will ensure comfortable and relaxed sleep. It will release all the pain and tension from the body and will make you feel calm and relaxed. It is essential to check the firmness of the mattress by lying on it.

 Support: The mattress should be solid and should provide support to the bed by balancing and distributing the body weight. It should take the shape of the body and adjust accordingly. This is very essential to ensure to body aches after sleep.

 Size: Size also matters when selecting a mattress. The mattress should fit properly in the bed frame. It will provide support to the bed hence appropriate size is essential. Also it should be according to the height of the person using the mattress.

• Partner

• Room size

• Comfort preference

• Body size

• Budget

 Twin: Twin mattresses are normally 39”X75” inches. They can accommodate one adult and one child. A tall person should consider twin XL that will give better length. Twin mattresses are suitable for bunk beds, day beds and for smaller guest places.

 Twin XL: They come in 39”X80” inches dimensions. They are 5 inches longer than the standard mattresses. They are of the same length as king or queen. In fact two of them side by side will make a king bed.

 Full: They are also called as standard or double beds. They usually come in the dimensions of 54”X 75” inches. Two adults can comfortably sleep on a full size mattress. It can also be used for single person or for guest rooms.