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The Importance of a Blog to Your Interior Design Business

The Importance of a Blog to Your Interior Design Business

A blog seems like a prerequisite for your business these days.

But why is it like that?

What does a blog do for you that cannot be done otherwise?

Let’s talk about why blogs are a great way to grow your interior design work.

Share your style

A blog is a great place to talk about and show off your particular style. If people can connect with your style, they will connect with you. Once connected, they can become customers or their word of mouth can bring more customers to you. Personal recommendations are still so important in getting companies known.

Get cheerleaders to talk about you and your blog. Once people come and see it, they can instantly know a lot about your style and sensitivity. When they appreciate it, they’ll become new cheerleaders and spread the word even further.

Show your work

01 The Importance of a Blog to Your Interior Design Business

Do your Blog an extension of your portfolio. A traditional resume should be two pages or less. A portfolio may be larger to fit in photos. Imagine having dozens or hundreds of pages and pictures to show what you really can do. A blog has that type of space that is connected to each other so people can follow your work in the area that interests them most.

Does your portfolio cover all types of projects you’ve done? In how many details? Your blog could go in depth on every project you are proud of and round up similar projects to showcase your breadth of experience and your creative approach to each new job.

Emphasize your commitment

One way to sabotage the usefulness of your blog is to ignore it.

Blogs with infrequent and infrequent updates are blogs that are losing readers. Set a schedule and stick to it. Your readers will learn to trust you and know they can check out your latest post without fear of it being delayed or missing.

That trust, that understanding that you are about to follow carries over into your business and enables customers to trust you to do what you say when you said you would. And doesn’t every customer want that when they have finished their work?

Pull yourself together

Reach out to other bloggers in your field. Don’t see it as a competition, but as a community. Read their articles, post comments, make friends. And let them do the same for you. Invite them to swap guest posts where you can help each other by introducing your followers to another blogger.

You will not lose your readers to them, you will also attract some of their readers, and they will attract some of yours. As long as you both post valuable articles on your blog, people will both want to read. If you know about them. Help each other get that exposure.

Another Leverage a community of bloggers is help. Help us to cope with a difficult situation.

Help figure out a problem. Help brainstorm ideas for growth. They all have similar goals, similar challenges, but each brings new ideas and perspectives to the table. Sharing these solutions can lead to wonderful, inventive new solutions that none of you could have developed yourself.

Partner with companies

There are thousands of suppliers who want people to use their products. On your blog, you can talk about good products for projects. What if you could talk to these suppliers and ask if you could recommend their products that you would recommend anyway, and they could reward you for it?

Affiliate programs allow you to associate your items with products and companies and be automatically rewarded for the business you send them. It’s not a perfect system, but as your blog grows and your recommendations carry more weight and appeal to more readers, even the imperfect system can generate significant revenue.

Make Google your friend

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technical term for increasing the frequency and priority of your page that is displayed in a search engine. The more readers visit your page, the more likely it is that you will be at the top of more searches.

The better the articles you write, the more likely readers will visit your page. And getting to the top of search results means more traffic and potentially more customers. Finding you is the first step in getting involved.

Build the perfect customer

Time Management For Architects The Importance Of A Blog To Your Interior Design Business

Having someone hired you to do a project when your basic styles clash can make your job a chore.

But when you work with someone who understands and is in tune with you, you will find it a pleasure. Most companies can’t filter out the first and target the second. However, your blog can act as an automatic filter, attracting customers with the same design feel that you have for you.

Make it easy for them

Some very quick tips on how to get your blog to work for you.

  • Choose a good one domain A smart one will show how smart you are!
  • Post regularly. Yes, this is a repetition. It is so important.
  • Deliver value. Make your reader happy they came by providing valuable information.
  • Find your voice. Make your blog fun by being real.
  • Be brave! Don’t be afraid to pursue the big goals, big customers, and big dreams.

As you may have noticed, not every benefit ends with a “Profit Now!” Yes, all of these benefits will help your business make more money, some directly, some indirectly. There’s nothing wrong with that, you run a business.

But you do this particular business because it is your passion. Don’t ignore all opportunities to grow and learn when blogging about them. You may be missing the best in doing this.