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About makin mattresses

About makin mattresses

Makin Mattresses is one of the leading and well renowned brands that manufacture quality mattresses. They are in the business of manufacturing beds and mattresses since 1975 and are operating currently in about seven retail outlets and six manufacturing locations throughout Australia. Makin mattresses have established themselves as the best company that sells the most number of mattresses when compared to other brands and are also not expensive in prices unlike the other brands while also not compromising on the quality at the same time.

Makin mattresses has more than 40 years experience in making good quality and comfortable beds and mattresses and hence they are experts in bed making as they have a good understanding about how important it is for you to get a good and comfortable sleep throughout the night. Their mattresses provide an ultimate comfort and good support when sleeping on them. The mattresses manufactured by Makin mattresses are often the double sided ones because these

types would stay good for a long time and much durable than the other brands’ mattresses. Their mattresses are also designed to be the most supportive and comfortable types in addition to their durability. They provide direct pricing of their authentic products and mattresses when bought through their own stores and retail outlets.

This is one type of mattress manufactured by Makin mattresses which were designed to meet the ever increasing demand in the traveling type of beds for those people who travel frequently. People who often travel for a number of reasons seek an alternative choice for replacing the poor quality mattresses found in the caravans, truck cabins, boats or motor homes and hence this Matilda mattress was launched to satisfy their needs of a good quality and comfortable mattress.

These types of mattresses are made of a pocket spring support unit topped with comfort layers and finished by a quilted fabric which makes sure that you get the best comfort when sleeping on this mattress similar to the comfort you get in your mattress at home. The mattresses are also light weight and flexible in addition to being durable and long lasting. They provide the best support when sleeping and are also designed to easily fit through smaller spaces.

Also Makin mattresses would provide custom made Matilda mattresses as per the demands and size requirements of the customers which can be ordered from their stores.