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Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean decor

Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean decor

As the months get colder, more UK homeowners are looking for interior decorating tips to create the illusion of warmth.

Few can wait for those glorious summer days when the sun is shining brightly day after day and those long months of rain and snow are part of a past that is best forgotten.

As a result, many homeowners are exploring the beauty of the Mediterranean decor that adds warmth and comfort to an otherwise bleak and cool home. Here are some tips you might like.

Start with a trip to the Mediterranean

How do so many famous interior designers get inspired? You have it! They actually visit the regions they want to imitate in their interiors because that is where authenticity is found. Many artists and interior designers were so inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean decor that they were later motivated to look for it beautiful Mallorca villas for sale.

med Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean decor

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean off the Spanish coast and is not only surrounded by natural beauty. This beauty has carried over to architecture and interior design. If you want real inspiration, visit Mallorca, but we can’t promise you won’t get away without making an offer on the villa you have sought inspiration from!

Main features in the Mediterranean decor

If you close your eyes for a moment to visualize what you think about when you see properties by the sea, what do you think about? Usually you will Imagine warm colors like tan and other earth tones like burnt orange. What would a Mediterranean home be without sea green somewhere in the house? Also think of the blue sky and you will have the final color that was previously missing in your design.

Mediterranean cuisine Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean decor

By the color, you will likely envision those tiled walls in the kitchen and conservatory as well. Tropical plants are an absolute must as succulents will play a prominent role in your program. Furniture needs to be sturdy and while you might want to use rattan, most Mediterranean furniture is made of wood and is quite heavy if you prefer authenticity. Don’t forget those accent pillows and the selective use of silk, beadwork, and braid for borders.

One last word about lighting

Lighting is also important because here during the home days The winter months are bleak and bleak at best. It is recommended that you research the range of LED lights for your home that offer a full range of colors for daytime use.

Advances in LED technology have now made it possible to achieve the effects of natural sunshine where other sources previously went better together. Stronger ambient lighting is best in the evening. For this reason, many interior designers recommend table and floor lamps with ambient colors like yellow and orange to get the right amount of light with the natural colors you would see when the sun goes down.

There is nothing more beautiful, relaxing and inviting than a Mediterranean villa on a cold winter night here at home in the UK. Remember we warned you! You may be looking for real estate to keep this beauty close to you day in, day out, year after year. It happens more often than you’d like to believe.