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Shoe cabinet: Find your storage space solution!

Shoe cabinet: Find your storage space solution!

Shoe chest or shoe rack? – Decisions are needed!

A shoe cabinet is available in various designs. Before you buy a shoe cabinet, you should be aware of how much space is needed inside and how much space is available in the hallway. It would be annoying if the new shoe cabinet does not provide enough space for all couples. Here’s a little help, so you decide on the right variant:

  • On shoe rack is probably the simplest and most affordable shoe cabinet solution. This piece of furniture also fits in a small hallway and the Shoes are pulled out fix. The downside: dust settles on the shoe rack faster and it can look messy.
  • The Shoe cabinet for folding saves space and is ideal for a small and narrow corridor. The so-called shoe tipper is a narrow, high shoe cabinet with superimposed drawers for folding. The shoes are arranged vertically, which is also the reason for the flat body. Best of all, you choose a simple, monochrome model that blends in well with the narrow hallway. Disadvantage of the space-saving cabinet is the usually high price, which is worth investing but especially in small apartments.
  • Not quite as compact as the shoe cupboard is the Shoe dresser, If you have many pairs of shoes, that’s for you Furniture suitable because many shoes can be accommodated. A shoe chest of drawers as a shoe cabinet ensures order and protects the darlings from dusting. Another advantage: You can also use low models of these shoe cupboards as a practical seat on the cloakroom. So also the putting on of the shoes becomes pleasant!

Keep your eyes open when buying the shoe cabinets

Important when buying the shoe cabinet is to pay attention to the quality of the furniture. Good ventilation is necessary to protect against nasty surprises when opening. Finally, they should feel comfortable in the shoe closet, all the pumps, the sandals, the sneakers, the ankle boots, the ballerinas …

The first impression counts

Shoe cabinet and dressers usually have their place in the hallway and are in the wardrobe integrated. It is the part of the apartment that guests first perceive when they enter the apartment. Try to combine all the practical requirements that the corridor has to meet with a uniform and beautiful look. Take your time choosing the right furniture. With a great lamp, pillows, flowers or rugs you can create cozy details. Well placed mirrors provide extra light and more space.