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Here are some tips for a feminine home decor

Before we begin, let’s make it clear that there is a significant difference between girly and feminine spaces. The feminine home decor is more noble and elegant and contains elements that evoke joy and harmony. One thing feminine home decor certainly isn’t is a room full of pink, fluffy details.

Feminine interior design ideas don’t really focus on the feminine gender: they use curvilinear shapes, soft and light colors, and asymmetry. Hence, feminine spaces can be suitable for any person who prefers subtle tones and quiet and relaxing environments. The secret is knowing how to combine these specific amenities with your already planned decor.

The influence of feminine matter

Here-are-some-tips-for-female-home-decor10 Here are some-tips-for-female-home-decorImage source: Laura Wilmerding Interiors

One of the things that female spaces are certainly famous for is the variety of fabrics: they use unique solutions for furniture, curtains, covers and flounces. Feminine fabrics can be recognized by embroidered details, rich patterns, lace, silk moirés and decorative satin.

Sometimes this amazing collection is enough to make a feminine statement when you’ve paired it with the right color or a stunning floral pattern. Patterns are prevalent on large surfaces (e.g. curtains) but are applied on a modest scale to smaller pieces of fabric (bed linen, tablecloths, etc.). As long as the decorative embellishments match the color scheme, your feminine design approach is more than visible.

Neutral walls

Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor6 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home decorImage source: Authentic home

As long as you keep them pastel and calm, walls can “tolerate” any color from your favorites list. For example, a neutral palette could benefit from white, cream, or beige tones that slowly tan to earthy brown. Alternatively, the feminine feel can be enriched with light / medium hues of peach and shell-inspired pink. Yellow, inconspicuous green, or pale aqua are also great ideas.

If you want your walls to look shimmery, coat them with metallic or pearlescent glaze. You can also paint or paper art, or inspire a traditional look with damask, floral, stripes or chinoiserie papers. Contemporary looks, on the other hand, can be achieved with grid patterns and linen structures.

mirror Mirror on the wall

Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor9 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home-decorImage source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Is there a woman who would refuse a large mirror in her room? Mirrors are always welcome; both for their practical and decorative power, and for the fact that they reflect light and therefore can optically enlarge even the smallest place.

We know one thing for sure: women don’t save money on mirrors, and they always choose wall-wide or high, ideally surrounded by a dazzling vintage frame.

Hard-edged and wooden furniture

Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor8 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home-decorImage source: Heather ODonovan Interior Design

A feminine space can benefit from both natural and painted wood, especially the visually enriching dark surfaces.

For example, the finishing is not relevant for dark tables with slim fluted legs, but it will certainly make a difference on a bulbous Tudor table that doesn’t have a single feminine feature. Once you are done with the large objects, you can add light through brightly painted, bulky objects.

Choosing the right furniture will largely depend on your style: if you are looking for a classic and traditional venue, go for Rococo elements or royal Victorian antics / reproductions. On the other hand, if you had an idea for a farmhouse or cabin, fill the space with pieces of spool, iron, and painted wickerwork.

For those of you who want to keep it safe and contemporary, we recommend slim items (ideally made of metal or wood) and painted pieces to make it look more ladylike.

Feminine furniture

Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor3 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home decorImage source: Kendall Wilkinson Design

Feminine flair can be achieved with curvy and light furniture: for example, you can use a curved sofa with curved arm rests as a seating area in your bedroom. Chaise lounges are also preferred by women, especially the “outdated” one-arm design that is typical of sophisticated ladies from the past.

The feminine decor has a lot to do with the influence of European decor (e.g. French provinces) due to the curved profile, smooth edges, and creative carving that women enjoy.

You can also try buying a one-of-a-kind feminine piece or using an old curved dresser for a powder room sink. Accessories will also be an issue, so we recommend vintage brass fittings and hand-painted porcelain bowls.


Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor7 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home-decorImage source: SFGIRLBYBAY

Feminine spaces undoubtedly support the “organized chaos” and asymmetry compared to the traditional alignment of elements. The idea is to randomly make the place look like there is no intentional decoration at all.

This is why you should avoid grouping furniture and adding different elements that look good together. Very soon you will be convinced that asymmetry is the best feminine keyword you could possibly have used at home.

The play of lights

Here-are-some-tips-for-female-home-decor4 Here are some-tips-for-female-home-decorImage source: Denyne designs

The play of light is very simple: allow plenty of sunshine to bathe the room and bounce off reflective surfaces. Being surrounded by light will make you happy and positive, but it will also create the illusion of larger space.

Also, avoid large furniture that will break the joists. or those that completely block sunlight from hitting your mirror and returning. Large mirrors are especially helpful in rooms with small windows or dim lighting.

Remove all heavy drapes and drapes to get light inside and choose light fabrics with film-like and transparent texture. If you still feel that there isn’t enough light to meet your needs, amplify the lighting with additional fixtures positioned in a location where the light can be properly diffused.


Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor5 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home decorImage source: Rikki Snyder

A must for every female room is a large and impressive chandelier. Again, the choice depends on the solution previously implemented, which means that scrolling and crystal versions go with traditional themes, while the cottage versions look best with Italian tole and coil lights.

Contemporary homes are more humble in this regard, tolerating nothing more than a chandelier in the eardrum or modern, centrally positioned rectangular prisms.

Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor11 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home decorImage source: Duck and scales

Another accessory to keep in mind is rugs. French Aubusson, White Shag, or handcrafted floral designs are perfect for softening your floor. When you’re done with the carpets, look for an interesting solution for your table tops: depending on your budget, you can use silver, porcelain, alabaster, lacquer, crystal or even mother-of-pearl.

When furnishing your bathroom, don’t forget: why not make showering even more pleasant with cool plastic curtains or chic lights? In addition, a bathroom does not have to be neutral! It can be the right place to apply tones of your favorite wine red shade.

Many flowers

Here-are-some-tips-for-female-home-decorImage source: Alex Amend Photography

Flowers are a timeless decorative trick that always brings freshness to a room. Flowers look great on desks, dining tables, or in the window box. In fact, they look wonderful anywhere with nothing but a simple vase or mason jar.


Here-are-some-tips-for-feminine-home-decor2 Here are some-tips-for-feminine-home-decorImage source: Horchow

Experiment with bold colors and set your own personal accents. Throw fluffy pillows with creative patterns or add an interesting collection of detective novels under the coffee table. Nature lovers are even invited to create their own saturated plant gardens. Whatever it is, make sure you choose a favorite color that really resembles your style and personality.

Here-are-some-tips-for-female-home-décor12 Here are some-tips-for-female-home-décorImage source: Space alchemy interior design

Even if feminine spaces strive for neutral schemes, it doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t add color. Bold and contrasting details add to the aesthetics of the room and can look wonderful in pastel tones.

Still, try not to overdo it and apply the vibrant shade to a single larger surface (floors, curtains, or accent walls) or through tiny accessories. Accenting is also possible with a single rug or rug, which can ground a dark room or add vibrancy to a light room.