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Different types of mirrored furniture

Different types of mirrored furniture

There are many types of Mirrored Furniture such as vanities, wardrobes, chests and headboards with other accessories. Some furnishings are inserted or attached mirrors and you can find others which are totally mirrors. The furniture with mirror pieces should be covered in reflective materials and they have sophisticated and elegant look.

There is the bedroom furniture with mirrors which have straight lines but others have curved or cabriole legs. Chests and vanities can be covered in the plain mirror and sometime they may feature etched places like floral or leaf borders. Chest can be small or larger unit. All the mirrored bedroom furniture can have the beveled edges to add extra elegance. You can find all mirror night tables available at the market.

Vanity with a mirror let a person to be seated when he is doing things like grooming or dressing tasks. Some vanities may have only a center mirror but others can have a trifold mirrors. A center mirror can be taller compared to the side mirrors. Jewelry chests are narrow and they may not be as tall as dressers and come with an inset mirror at the lid. The Jewelry chest mirror is decorative and it may be used in fastening the necklaces or putting the earrings on.

The top mirrors found on the dresser can be etched and beveled when they are used in antique bedroom furniture. Antique bedroom furniture with mirrors may not be in the straight lines and they may have etching patterns or beveled edges. They can also be found in other shapes like oval or round. Modern furniture with mirrors is found in straight or rectangular shapes. Lower types of chest and bureaus may have attached mirrors to be used for combing the hair or to put on the jewelry.Wardrobe can also have a mirror. The mirror is meant to be used while viewing the outfit while dressing and it is not meant to be decorative. The example of mirrored wardrobes have full length mirror with exterior cupboard door and another side can be solid.

The headboard can have an inset mirror but it is meant to be decorative mostly. The mirror can be set into a center headboard within two different shelving sections or it may be stretched along its length. There are headboard that comes with alternative panels of the mirror and wood. To get a look of the headboard mirrored furniture, a framed full length mirror can be hung on the bed. Unframed or framed mirrors may be hung on the back of the door for the dressing reasons.