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Steampunk interior design style and decoration ideas

Steampunk interior design style and decoration ideas

As we all know, there are many different styles of interior design, the characteristics of which are always pleasant for designer lovers.

One of the more unusual styles that most people may not be familiar with is the steampunk decor style, as steampunk design is a relatively specialized category of architecture.

When the term “steampunk” is mentioned, people immediately think of the Victorian era and all the great inventions that came about during that particular time.

But what is the steampunk style? The steampunk style is also widely used in cosplay, where you can see an attractive woman adorning a leather corset and crinoline. The ensemble is complemented by the addition of a barrel cannon and aviator glasses. Now you know how to do steampunk beyond your average architectural terminology.

The style of steampunk, while new but elusive, is also starting to get mixed up in the world of interior design.

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Simply put, steampunk design is defined as the combination of machinery and elegance. In terms of interior design, the steampunk style can be found in Gothic-Victorian decorations and fashion.

Think of this as an industrial revolution and Gothic fashion forming a whole new unit. Steampunk interior design is a versatile and interesting category that is rarely explained to the public.

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Needless to say, the steampunk ideas create a whole new look in every home. In fact, this style has inspired many people to create various pieces that would go well with a steampunk interior that includes steampunk furniture, steampunk wall art, and even a dedicated steampunk chair. These are pieces that are both stylish and functional.

Here are some great steampunk furnishing style features that you can write down and even leverage if this is the style you are looking for. Warning, they may contain some mechanical elements, but it’s all about functionality and a special kind of beauty.

Color scheme

The following functions are typically used to create the color scheme and decor elements in a steampunk interior:

  • Metallic tones
  • copper
  • bronze
  • Dark wood
  • leather

For example, in a living room with various decorative items for the home, the combination of leather sofa and chairs goes well with other Victorian furniture. To improve the steampunk look even further, consider bookcases and cabinets in metallic tones.


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Pieces of furniture made from salvaged wood, salvaged machinery, and rusted metal also help create the general look and feel of the steampunk decorating style. The steampunk color scheme is usually dark, with dark, dark blue predominating.

It’s also worth noting that there are a few furniture designers in the Steampunk house who specifically specialize in creating pieces for this type of environment.

Accessories and other details

Another of those steampunk decorating ideas that are commonly used are old cards, which can often be treated as outdated murals when hung on a wall. In addition to the steampunk wall decor, other accessories and details can include:

  • Steam powered machines
  • Lamps
  • Other devices
  • Various machine parts

Trends mainly focused on steampunk

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Steampunk is often compared to the inner workings of different types of technology. If you really want to use this look in your home, it is important that you prepare to get used to things that appear on home furnishings like mechanical fittings and rusted metal.

For example, a living room in steampunk homes may contain a fireplace that has a rough and industrial finish. However, it will help to make the room’s steampunk theme stand out a lot.

Another key feature of a steampunk room is the incandescent lamp, e.g. B. Incandescent lamps. These items are great for things like exposed brick, a metal that has been partially processed and partially polished, and wood that has been roughly processed. This is a must have for the steampunk bedroom.

Here are some tips that you can write down and follow to get the most out of the steampunk look in your own home.

Use neutral and muted colors

Consider using the following colors, which are the most common in this type of interior design and steampunk decorating ideas in general:

  • cream
  • brown
  • sepia
  • black
  • Dark red
  • Dark green
  • Metallic colors

You can use any of these colors or mix and match as many as you like to get the look you want for the perfect steampunk home decor.

Use renovated furniture

If you are considering designing steampunk room furniture in your home, avoid buying newer items. Instead, use anything that is either old or renovated. The only exception is if the furniture is from the Victorian period.

Use exposed stones

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If any room inside your home has exposed bricks, don’t cover it; show it off. However, if you find that the structure of your home does not allow it, use wallpaper instead to create some real industrial Victorian decor.

Hang old maps on your wall

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common elements used to decorate a steampunk style interior is ancient maps. These can either be hung on the wall or even used as lampshades.

If you decide to use this particular item in your interior, there is one important thing to keep in mind: the older the card looks, the better the room will look. You can easily add it near your steampunk desk for the maximum visual and design effect.

Find and buy a globe

Terrestrial globes are popular items in terms of steampunk furnishing style as they are antique pieces. If you choose to go with this particular object, make sure it looks really old so that it highlights the specific features of the room. It’s also an item that kids love to play at the steampunk tables over and over again.

Present your leather furniture

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As already mentioned, leather is one of the most important materials in modern steampunk furnishing style and deserves a presentation. This is especially true for pieces of furniture such as sofas and chairs. At the same time, it also increases the level of luxury in your entire home.

Hang hats in the room

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Hats such as bowlers and top hats were extremely popular and classy during the Victorian era and easily suited the steampunk home. These items can also add a touch of class to your steampunk room when hung in it. Your guests will also be impressed by these effects.

Steampunk in the kitchen

Aspects of the steampunk furnishing style can also be used in your kitchen. For example, many of the metallic details and fittings in your kitchen can be adorned with details that help make the space even more unique.

Steam suitcase as a living room table

Using a steam suitcase as a table in your living room should only be done if you don’t have the right table for the steampunk bedroom. If you can’t get your hands on a steamer case, consider using an old case instead.

Use exposed framed herbaria

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We usually spend so much time thinking about how to decorate other areas of our homes that we often leave out the entrance, a very important element in a steampunk building. Take the opportunity to decorate the framed herbaria in this area to highlight the steampunk style even more.

Use sepia photos as decorations

Sepia photos, also known as antique photos, are great for typical steampunk decorations. These could be old family photos or photos that you found and printed on the Internet or discovered at the flea markets.

Use the textural contrast

When designing your steampunk themed area, consider combining different textures such as: B. Leather and lace. The combination of feminine and masculine elements will help make the room even more attractive.

Final thoughts on the steampunk interior

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All in all, the steampunk designs allow for both original and inspiring ideas to create a truly unique space that brings together elements of science and magic.

The interior of a house always tells a story, and when you use steampunk decorations you’re doing something that both HG Wells and Thomas Edison would be proud of and smile about.

I hope that a steampunk theme for your interior design ideas can be inspiring for you too. All that remains for you now is how to create your own steampunk home decor and get the most out of it.

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