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Interior design ideas and kitchen pictures for modern wood kitchens

Interior design ideas and kitchen pictures for modern wood kitchens

Wooden kitchens are back in fashion – and rightly so! The pictures of the good old farmer wood kitchen you can delete immediately from the head again. The modern wooden kitchens of today make a perfect balancing act between designer kitchen and cozy feel-good feeling. Thanks to diverse design options there is something for every taste.

Why a wood kitchen?

The trend is also in the planning of new kitchens again “Back to the Roots”. A wood kitchen exudes something original and yet, thanks to its variety, is always right on the pulse of the times. Fans of wood even swear that solid wood improves the overall living environment. If the costs for a solid wood kitchen exceed the budget a bit, you still do not have to do without the natural look. Wood veneer or fronts in wood look as an alternative to real wood look the original solid wood kitchens similar to the confusing. There is also the possibility to make only parts of the kitchen in real wood – worktops made of wood or a wood kitchen back wall provide in the kitchen for that certain something.

Ideas for designing your personal wood kitchen

Wood kitchen in combination with concrete

Concrete is a material that is strong. Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom or as a floor – the cool concrete chic can be found in the entire living area. In the kitchen, concrete can be perfectly combined with wooden fronts.

Wooden kitchens with classic white

White kitchens are like sand by the sea. Is also very clear: A white kitchen fits any style of furnishing and is timeless. Wood in combination with white ensures that the kitchen, despite its universal color, becomes very individual. The classic – reinterpreted.

Modern wood kitchens

As we have already stated, wood can be combined as desired. This also applies to modern styles such as the Industrial Style. Combined with dark colors and unusual materials such as steel or welded elements, wooden kitchens spread coolness and coziness at the same time.

Even glossy fronts and wood can be perfectly combined. The wood gives the otherwise very modern kitchen a touch of down-to-earthness and provides the necessary homey feeling of living.