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Wooden beds in constant decline

Wooden beds in constant decline

Wooden Beds have been an essential part of every household ever since history can be tracked back to life. Wood remains the basic source of material to produce beds since the very beginning and is still the most dominant material to manufacture beds up to date. However, due to a number of factors like the rising trend of the metallic alloyed beds being more affordable, increasing inflation, the growing awareness of tree conservation resulting in using less wood across the world led to the decline of the traditional solid wooden beds in the contemporary world. The history of wooden beds go long back to the medieval period where the Egyptians first used wood to carve furniture as a means of sitting and sleeping.

The introduction to metallic alloyed beds at a cheap and affordable cost became the major reason for the decline in the wooden beds across the globe. The cheap and affordable production of the wrought iron beds with the same convenience and comfort level as the wooden beds resulted in the rising demand of the metallic alloy based beds across the globe with furniture companies diverting their focus from the traditional way of producing bedroom sets with solid wood led to the decline of wooden beds in the modern world. The high cost along with the high maintenance cost of the traditional wooden beds also contributed to its decline along with the rise in the demand of the cheap and cost effective wrought iron bedrooms sets.

Ever since the beginning of the new Millennium, there has been a constant rise in the human population around the world that has caused greater concerns about the rising inflation and decreasing salaries per person across the world leading to people opting for cheap and affordable products that greatly contributed to the decline in demand for wooden beds and the rise in demand for wrought iron beds in the future.

Throughout the start of the modern world, many concerns have been raised about the excessive cut down of trees causing deforestation around the world and rising awareness campaigns to preserve trees and our future has also been one of the major factors in determining the decline of the traditional wood based beds. Although wood still remains the most frequently used material to build beds until now, there has been a constant decline in its production ever since.