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Decorating Shelves: Inspiration

Decorating Shelves: Inspiration

Which shelf types are there – a small overview

The shelf is a multi-talent: storage for many everyday things, bookshelves for the favorite books, storage miracles for souvenirs to toys. There are a variety of shelves that differ in both size and material. But they are one thing in common: Each shelf is incredibly practical! No wonder that this popular furniture is missing in hardly a flat. The order-creating and space-saving wonders of space can decisively influence the entire interior design with original forms or effective colors. Roughly one can differentiate the following types:

The wall shelf is so often represented in apartments as hardly any other furniture. It can be wall-mounted without taking up any space on the floor. For this reason, especially small rooms benefit from this shelf. Decorative copies such as original ones DIY Wall shelves out of vintage suitcases, invisible bookshelves, the books levitate odhe modern string shelves advance the eye-catcher of the room. Also suitable for large rooms and bare walls wall shelfto create comfort.

The stand shelf is a classic with many variations in width, depth, color and material. Whether discreet in white or solid wood, the shelf is especially popular as bookshelf or room divider that divides different areas of your room loosely. For example, to create a small study next to the beds in the bedroom. All things can be taken for which you need a tipper or visible stay. No matter whether the shelf is used as storage or room divider, the furniture convinces all along the line.

shelving systems can be ideally adapted to given room conditions. Due to their high adaptability they are true storage space wonders! In small and large compartments, behind doors or in open elements, not only important documents, but also beloved decorative objects find their place. This shelf therefore, it is useful if you are looking for storage for various items.

How to create unreasonable storage space on your shelf:

As practical as the furniture is, we would like to stow one or the other on the shelf without presenting it in an open rack. With beautiful baskets and boxes, you solve the problem and round off the look of the shelf. Small, decorative objects you collect in pretty bowls, which also ensures order.