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Princess bedroom ideas for little girls

Princess bedroom ideas for little girls

When we talk about the perfect children’s room, our first thought is always a fairy tale corner full of magic and fairy tale dust, in which young princes and princesses can realize their dreams and hopes.

Yes, a nursery is always the happiest room in the house, where parents conduct the impossible experiments to make their loved ones happy and give them their own private world to use their imaginations.

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When we were kids our dreams were associated with kingdoms, castles, bands and superheroes and we used these as our room themes. Not much has changed since then as long as we rule out the wide variety of products and designs that make themed rooms a breeze.

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If our princess bedroom decor consisted of pink walls and multiple barbie dolls, these days princess bedrooms are full of amazing details and unlimited choices of accessories. As parents, you will find tons of stunning bedroom ideas for princesses, be it tree wallpapers, tents or four-poster beds. Whatever the princess wants, you can do it!

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There is seldom a little girl out there who would not like to feel like a princess, namely being surrounded by pink walls and fluffy objects and wearing a big ball gown, which is why they all dream of the space that is a part of them would fairy tales. Fortunately, designing a princess-themed room has never been easier, and we’re here to show you how.

Most of the details will just catch on, especially large princess beds, pink and pink walls, castle wallpaper, ivory satin, furry pillows, and tones of stuffed animals.

The challenge is to choose accessories that the princess will not get bored with after a few months or that she will not let her grow over. This is especially true of larger beds and closets, homework desks, and bookcases that are designed to last.

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The more you invest in the future of space, the less you have to think about it later. So try to make all the necessary considerations. Next, we’re going to invite you to check out some great princess room ideas and design practices we’ve put together from around the world.

Your princess’s bed

Beds should be your priority, when you consider that they are the centerpiece of any room and are accompanied by a princess theme, they will likely never go out of style. Princesses were and will be role models and symbols of perfection for girls, which means that a fairy tale castle will make them just as happy as you would like them to be.

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You can make your dreams a reality by turning your room into a fantasy oasis and making sure you have all the necessary things to be comfortable inside. It may take a while to get there, but it is totally worth your time.

Car-like beds

As mentioned earlier, the princess bed is the centerpiece of the room. So start the renovation by choosing a fairytale element. You can go with an amazing oversized pull-out bed that will add just as much Parisian flair to the room as it takes to turn it into a castle.

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Image source: Holly marten

Whimsical crowns

A solid green and striped pink bed crown gives the room the regal touch it needs without breaking the bank. Clip these behind the headboard of the bed and your little princess will love it!

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Image source: Sara Ingrassia Interiors

Bunk bed

The logic of princess beds is the bigger the better, and that makes bunk beds a great idea. Thanks to the extra space, your little girl can hug her toys while she sleeps. Now tell me about the princess who would refuse!

Disney-inspired bedrooms

Disney has a lot to do with girls’ perception of princesses and castles. So why not start with a Disney-inspired theme? Do some research to find out who your daughter’s favorite character is and put it up in a large wallpaper for her to enjoy.

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Image source: Charlotte Crosland

The funny room

Children’s rooms just wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t comfortable. So make sure there is enough space and toys that your girl likes. For example, you can add a slide or small trampoline to make sure you and friends enjoy spending time there. Be aware, however, that additional toys and gadgets require additional storage space. So add some hidden drawers just in case.

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Image source: Suzanne Nichols Design Group Inc.

Castle inspired beds

With the budget and time it takes to create an imposing princess room, you can also consider a real castle bed. Designers offer many creative pieces, including ones with two towers on the side that can be used as shelving systems and bedside tables, and an over-the-top headboard that instantly attracts attention.

A castle bed doesn’t always have to be large – if you carefully handle the details, your princess won’t mind the size.

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Image source: Reusch interior design

The best thing about castle beds is that they are all unique and you can choose from an unlimited variety of structures, shapes and sizes. They are also offered on two levels (a lower and an upper bunk connected by a slide / stairs) or really belong to a small, semi-open castle that the princess can play with.

Eye-catching bedrooms

Any nursery will be a successful project if you can guess what the child really wants. That’s why we have nothing against bold and flashy bedrooms for active and creative owners. For example, you can mount rectangular black and white canopies on the ceiling with a tufted headboard flying up to meet them.

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Image source: Robeson design

It’s a very modern solution, but you can “soften” it with a few traditional, tied back curtains (preferably white).

Traditional bedroom

It’s not hard to guess that the little princess loves to play in dollhouses, but how about you give them the chance to live in one? This is easy to achieve with a bunk bed where the girl has an upper bench to sleep in and a lower, all-day one to play and store toys in.

This type of bed is always unique and becomes a girl’s favorite memory, which is why it usually stays in the family for generations to come.

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Image source: Don Foote Contracting

Classic four-poster beds

Four-poster beds have something very feminine and romantic about them, both with creative girls and dreamy ladies. In addition, these beds are often associated with elegance and sophistication and never go out of style.

There are many ways you can turn a classic four-poster bed into a princess bed. Most often, however, it is enough to attach a small four-poster bed to the wall and decorate it with pink ribbons.

Make sure the canopy matches or at least resembles the curtains to keep the decor together. Nevertheless, try to preserve the diversity in the room, as children appreciate this path more than balance and perfect order.

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Image source: Godrich Interiors

Playtime bedroom

This is where all of Disney’s fantasy comes to life in your little girl’s room. So make sure you equip it with all the necessary details. Make sure her favorite dolls are always on hand, with all the clothes and accessories to make them perfect. Few beautiful wall hooks also help decorate the room, but they also organize your clothes.

Colorful bedroom

Who said that princess rooms are all pink? In fact, they can emit several colorful vibes to keep the princess happy and add to the girlish and sassy touch of her little kingdom.

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Image source: Toks Aruoture

Common princess room

When decorating a room for two girls, balance the space with matching beds and add extra storage space. As before, try to make the place look chic and glamorous, paying attention to details that both girls would prefer.

Vintage bedroom

Princess-themed rooms are vintage rooms by default and that’s because of their architecture, just as it suits your good taste. If you have a round room or a room with a high, cherished ceiling, you have a winner yourself.

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Image source: Sims Hilditch

Beach-inspired bedroom

Little princesses who love to go to the beach deserve a space inspired by the coast. Plus, beach-inspired rooms don’t require extra time or cash – all you have to do is hang white curtains on the canopy frames and anchor the sides with pink stripes to add to the princess vibe.

End thoughts

You should give our gallery a look to choose the best princess room idea for your little girl and turn her sleeping area into a fairy tale that speaks of her style and personality. Projects like this take time and creativity, but are these really things we wouldn’t sacrifice to make our child happy?

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With the right ideas, princess-inspired rooms don’t have to cost a lot, at least for those with playful designs in mind, the right motifs for the theme, and the right tools to accomplish their mission. Most girls would be perfectly happy with playful and chic details like pink walls, stuffed toys, and frilly beds.

Remember – your choices are limitless and you can change anything, including the classic color palette. Just remember what the girl really likes, and half the work will already be done.

Princess rooms will never go out of style, at least not as long as girls identify with Cinderella and dream of living in a castle. For this reason, you should give them a fantasy room with a whimsical twist, where they can sleep, play and dream at the same time.

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