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Makeup tables are practical & beautiful

Makeup tables are practical & beautiful

For a make-up table you think of glamorous show sizes that carefully follow the lipstick in front of the mirror illuminated by light bulbs. As a storage area for powder puffs, perfume bottles and other make-up items, a cosmetic table is also a useful and extremely decorative piece of furniture for everyday use. How to put this piece of furniture in the best light depends entirely on the material and style of the table. In addition to make-up tables in nostalgic-romantic look, for example made of curved cherry wood, there are also modern and functional variants. A white cosmetic table in the Country-style is, for example, a modernized version that has become very popular in recent years.

A make-up table as a DIY project

Own creations are possible: Remember that you are not only dependent on the offers of the manufacturer. You can also assemble your own cosmetic table from different parts. Having your own cosmetic table as a DIY project is not only fun, but also creates a unique individual piece. For example, look around for:

  • Vintage consoles,
  • old wallpapering tables,
  • a matching stool and
  • a mirror (for example, from the antique shop).

Using a mirror attachment, you can mount the mirror or simply place it on the surface of the make-up table.

Difference between dressing table and dressing table

If you own a lot of cosmetics, you can also use a table instead of a table commode use with drawers. The dressing table then becomes a dressing table. In contrast to the clean table, this offers several drawers or drawers, where there is plenty of space to store.

How can you put a make-up table in scene?

With accessories like stool. mirror, Lighting and decorative storage boxes and bowls for brushes and Co., the make-up table becomes an eye-catcher. Whether painted white or natural wood, with chair, stool, integrated or separate mirror – in terms of make-up table you have the choice. A bunch of flowers or a small Pilea bring freshness to the dressing table and complete your make-up experience!