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French country kitchens ideas, pictures, advantages,

French country kitchens ideas, pictures, advantages,

Kitchen planning is detail work, sometimes funny, often tedious, but above all one thing: a matter of taste. A kitchen in the French country style corresponds to the taste of so many – for many reasons. Among other things, because it reminds with an authentic imperfection of the naturalness of a French lifestyle. In addition, with a French country kitchen , the apartment can easily give charming, rural flair, even if you do not even live near Brittany or Normandy. Is your imagination already excited? This article introduces you to the French country style and gives you tips for planning a country kitchen.

French country style kitchen – natural materials and ornaments

In a French country kitchen there are a variety of natural materials such as stone , terracotta and wood , sometimes in conjunction with stainless steel. These materials are combined with different colors – yellows, natural white and pastel colors are very popular, you can often find accents in green, blue and red. In addition, French-style kitchens are often very detailed. From intricately designed buttons, to nostalgically decorated handles, to painted kitchen fronts, everything is represented.

The countertops are often made of granite or marble and set with its beautiful grain added emphasis. Solid wood or real wood are also welcome. To make the kitchen more uniform, the walls and floor are often decorated with tiles or natural stone. It is not uncommon to find a chandelier in French country kitchens that lends a certain elegance to the whole.

French style country style kitchen – imperfection and shabby chic

A special feature of a French country kitchen is its imperfection. It does not have to be perfectly coordinated. More adventurous people are looking for additional vintage furnishings at the flea market, but there are also plenty of new Shabby Chic style furniture to buy. Shabby Chic stands for a style in which visible signs of wear are part of the concept.

Accordingly, a kitchen in French country style is also relatively insensitive and easy to clean . Small material defects and traces of wear and tear then integrate easily into the overall picture and make the kitchen really comfortable. In addition, the inventory of the kitchen can be varied and supplemented at will, without having to have any style rules in mind.

Advantages of a French country kitchen

The advantages of a kitchen in the French country style could be summarized as follows:

  • Natural materials – special feel and appearance
  • Unique French flair
  • Special look through detailed decorations
  • An infinite number of design and expansion options
  • Insensitive – traces of wear and tear integrate into the overall picture
  • Can be combined with any kitchen shape

Of course, a country kitchen is not for everyone. You alone decide what your kitchen should look like!