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Wicker furniture is socially acceptable

Wicker furniture is socially acceptable

High quality ensures longevity in wicker furniture.

The wicker furniture has long since emancipated itself from the garden and balcony and found its place in the living quarters. Small wicker chairs complete the seating group and wicker chairs ensure lightness and summer mood at the dining table. Anyone looking for wicker furniture quickly realizes that the price range is large. Ultimately, it’s a matter of mission, what you choose. If it is to become a companion for long years, investing in quality is worthwhile.

Wicker furniture – high quality handmade

Lichen needs strength and tact. The back of the chair is elastic and easily cushions the seat comfort. When braiding, spacers help to ensure the necessary elasticity. In addition, it is checked with a template whether the bending of the back is correct. After braiding, the leaves are removed by hand with a small knife, which is noticeable as slight thickening in the material. The wickerwork is polished and then the last protruding hairs are flamed until everything is smooth and even.

Wicker furniture will last a lifetime with good care

Boondoot weave is waxed only, the protective silica layer takes color badly. Colored wicker furniture is usually made of wicker. Some furniture stores offer their wicker chairs in many beautiful colors to match the decor. A specialty is the wiped paint, in which the color is partially removed with a cloth by hand. Which patterns are created is left to taste and feeling. Wicker furniture is worth the price. They last a lifetime if they get a little care. Wicker furniture can be vacuumed with the vacuum cleaner brush or brushed off with a damp brush. They love humidity, but are usually not suitable for real downpours. Therefore, they should be protected on the terrace from the rain. Once or twice a year, wicker furniture should be treated with antique wax.