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Colors that go with yellow: how to combine them

Colors that go with yellow: how to combine them

So what colors go with yellow? Whether you use light yellow to add sunshine to a dark room or the vibrancy of deep amber, a yellow color palette will add excitement to your home.

Yellow colors each have a different mood or atmosphere.

How you decorate with your yellow color palette will affect the mood of your home.

Which colors go well with yellow?

    • Yellow and black
    • Yellow and sage green
    • Yellow and gray and brown
    • Yellow and gray
    • Yellow and blue and gray
    • Yellow and cream and orange
    • Yellow and mushroom gray
    • Yellow and brown and blue
    • Yellow and ballet pink
    • Yellow and red
    • Yellow and fuchsia

For example, if you combine yellow with red, a room can warm up. A soft light yellow color with blue undertones works great as an addition to accessories or furniture, and nothing beats a blue and yellow bedroom. Soft yellow walls provide a calm backdrop for a room.

Whether you are adding yellow colors to your walls or adding a yellow decor to your home, this cheerful color will add more joy to your home.

Client-Home-Gull-Lake-MI-by-Haisma-Design-Co-LLC Colors That Go With Yellow: How To Combine Them
Image source: Haisma Design Co., LLC.

If you’re looking to redecorate your interiors, there are a variety of yellow color schemes to work with.

Your choice depends on how you want to use your room and what mood you want to create. Relaxing spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms benefit from bright yellow, while a dining room can benefit from a festive shade.

You can create depth by picking a few different shades of yellow, or create a monochrome look with a few shades of yellow next to each other on the color wheel. This is a great way to create atmosphere while using shape or texture to add interest.

Country-Crib-by-Actual-Size-Projects Colors that go with yellow: Instructions for combiningImage source: Actual size projects

When adding accent colors, there are some great combinations you can use:

Yellow, pink and cream together create a happy, sunny effect.

Shaker yellow creates a down-to-earth atmosphere in combination with natural wood.

For a retro look, combine yellow and turquoise for an attractive color combination.

Combine yellow with crisp white for a bold but clean effect.

Blue and yellow are a great combination if you are working towards a modern or country style room.

To recreate the ’70s vibe, work with a yellow-green palette and add brown to it.

Combine yellow and red to create a warm, colored space.

Combine yellow, black, and white to create a sleek, modern home.

If you are working towards a fresh, clean home, combine yellow with grass green.

Here are some yellow color combinations to explore:

Yellow and black

Steven-Gambrel-Time-and-Place-by-ABRAMS Colors That Go With Yellow: How To Combine ThemImage source: ABRAMS

The contrast of yellow and black gives your home a bright, sophisticated feel. This bold, eye-catching color combination can be found in nature where honeybees make a dramatic impression.

The yellow color palette is made more effective by the dark contrast of the black. If you want to create a more subtle version of this color combination, use shades of gray. This will reduce the contrast and make the visual transition easier.

Yellow + sage green

Summer-Home-by-House-of-George-LLC Colors That Go With Yellow: Instructions How To Combine ThemImage source: House of George LLC

Designers often combine colors with different hues to create a dramatic effect. By combining bold yellow with sage green, a designer can add a visual touch to a room. Warm gold and cool green reflect the colors of nature and form an attractive yet unique focal point. Such color combinations are often extremely effective when placed against a neutral background.

Yellow + gray + brown

Intexure-Live-Work-Studio-by-Intexure-Architekten Colors that go with yellow: Instructions for combiningImage source: Intexure Architects

Gray and brown make great color combinations. While gray offers serenity and structure, brown offers warmth. These two colors prove that opposites attract, because while both are neutral, they come from opposite sides of the color wheel. The combination of these classic colors with warm yellow creates balance. Yellow adds warmth and interest without overshadowing the neutral hue.

Yellow + gray

Durabuilt-Vivacé-Windows-Marcson-Lotto-Home-by-Durabuilt-Windows-Doors-Inc Colors That Match Yellow: How To Combine ThemImage source: Durabuilt Windows & Doors Inc.

Yellow often offers the perfect balance between male and female. Gray as neutrality offers serenity. By combining gray and yellow, designers create a visually striking room that is balanced, calm and carefree.

Yellow + blue + gray

Show-Home-Photography-by-Photovisions Colors that go with yellow: Instructions for combiningImage source: Photovisions

If you add a touch of interest to classic color combinations, you will get an outstanding interior. Blue and gray are often used to create peaceful color schemes. Nautical-style decor, seaside houses, or classic designs often have a blue-gray palette. However, these designs can sometimes lack uniqueness. Adding a touch of yellow to your interior to highlight architectural features or adding a decorative touch will pique interest.

Yellow + cream + orange

Casa-Lluvia-Blanca-by-House-House-Architects Colors that go with yellow: instructions on how to combine themImage source: House + House Architects

Yellow, orange and cream are bold colors with a warm undertone. Orange and cream can often be used to create a warm atmosphere in a room, but it’s yellow, which adds brightness. The vibrancy of yellow adds a fresh touch to a room that otherwise feels heavy and boring. Both cream and orange are enlivened by a yellow color palette.

Yellow + mushroom gray

Ideo-Verve-by-KLYNS-STUDIO-LLC Colors that go with yellow: Instructions for combiningImage source: KLYNS STUDIO LLC

Too much yellow can feel overwhelming, while mushroom gray can feel dull or boring. However, when combined, these two colors can feel warm and stimulating. The couch’s calm mushroom grays come alive when paired with muted yellow. The color palette is fresh, lively and perfectly balanced.

Yellow + brown + blue

Basement-by-Gina-Bon-Airoom-Architects-Builders-LLC Colors That Go With Yellow: Instructions How To Combine ThemImage source: Gina Bon, Airoom Architects & Builders LLC

Yellow is often an excellent choice to pair with neutral colors. This is because yellow adds vibrancy to a room, while neutrals add balance and stability. Blue and brown as a neutral combination are earthy, inspired by nature, but often uninteresting. However, when the tiny yellow is added to the mix, the combination becomes vibrant and interesting.

Yellow + ballet pink

Country-French-Estate-by-JMA-INTERIOR-DESIGN Colors that go with yellow: instructions on how to combine themImage source: JMA INTERIOR DESIGN

Warm tinted or metallic yellows such as gold or brass can often be combined well with soft, subtle pinks. The ballet pink tones contained in copper add a touch of luxury to a yellow color palette. The combination will be rich and earthy.

Yellow + red

Showcase-2011-Artists-Retreat-by-Witt-Construction Colors that go with yellow: Instructions on how to combine themImage source: Witt construction

Yellow can be perfectly combined with other basic colors. Yellow and red make for a warm and lively game that brightens up any room. With this color combination, however, it is important that a room is light and airy. It also needs to be ensured that there are some large neutrals to balance the intensity of the two colors.

Yellow + fuchsia

my-office-by-Artistic-Designs-for-Living-Tineke-Triggs Colors that go with yellow: Instructions on how to combine themImage source: Artistic Designs for Life, Tineke Triggs

If you want to create a vibrant, feminine color scheme with added zing, yellow and fuchsia are a great color combination. This color scheme is bold and can even be seen as loud. However, when used carefully and paired with neutral colors, it will generate interest without becoming overwhelming.

Final thoughts on colors that go with yellow

You may love the vibrancy of the yellow decor, but you are unsure how to use it in your own home.

Decorating with yellow can sometimes feel intense, which is why many use it sparingly, adding yellow decor accents instead of a yellow color palette. Using yellow as an accent adds life or interest to a room.

Yellow can be combined well with many colors. Pink, red, green and blue benefit from a touch of yellow, as do neutral color combinations.

By adding yellow tones to bold and neutral colors, you create a well-balanced home that is unique, atmospheric and perfectly balanced.

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