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Lamps in the Shabby chic style

Lamps in the Shabby chic style

If you want to give your home a certain nostalgic flair, then the Shabby Chic style is just the right interior design style. Here new furniture is combined with old bargains from the flea market and antiques. You can also do many things yourself, or adapt new furniture and accessories to the Shabby Chic style. Due to the variety of possibilities, this style is really nice – if you like the flair of the old days.

The Shabby Chic furniture can be wonderfully combined with the right lamps. Here it does not really matter if a nice old lamp is the right choice on the flea market, a classic chandelier or a good rural lamp. Combined with the right furniture and smaller accessories, shabby chic lamps quickly become the highlight of the room.

Of course, materials are often used for the Shabby Chic style, which also applies to lamps. 
Quite simply, you can also make a lamp in shabby chic style. Either you take an existing lamp and redesign it in the beautiful shabby chic style. Materials such as wood, paper with floral decor, glass, crystal or ceramic are preferably used. Then you let your imagination run wild and you can be sure of a great Shabby Chic lamp.

If you prefer to create only small optical eye-catchers in Shabby Chic, only individually placed lamps are sufficient, which then stand out in the modern apartment. This romantic style conveys a nice feeling of nostalgia and coziness and just by well placed light sources, this feeling is reinforced.