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Colored walls in the kitchen – The 7 best wall-planning tips

Colored walls in the kitchen – The 7 best wall-planning tips

The kitchen is a place where you spend many hours. Whether it’s cooking, eating, reading or other activities: If the kitchen is friendly and functional, you’ll enjoy staying there longer than in the living room. In the design of such a kitchen, the feel-good factor plays an important role. Here, the walls are the backdrop.

The Glorious Seven – ideas for kitchen walls

1. colors

Not only in living rooms, bedrooms and in the hallway colors are announced, but also especially in the kitchen. The colors can be gaudy, because a single section or a single wall as a colored accent enhances any kitchen. But beware: do not mix too many colors, otherwise the kitchen looks like a circus. Except, of course, you perform feats with elephants in the kitchen.

2. patterns and motifs

Patterns bring dead walls to life. Whether simple or whole murals, is a matter of taste. Patterns and motifs can either be bought on wallpaper or you can try yourself as Da Vinci on your own kitchen wall.

3. Structure

Structured walls are very classy and make every kitchen a homely setting. The most used structures are natural stone, stainless steel, tiles, real wood and glass. It’s a costly affair to make a whole wall of natural stone or real wood or the kitchen wall panel with stainless steel – but it’s a durable and extremely high quality solution.
Tiles are indeed, depending on the material, color and shape a little cheaper; But if you do not want to empty your passbook for kitchen walls, you can use the cheap version made of styrofoam, which imitates various materials such as wood and stone. However, if you do not have to worry about money, you can attach a relief to the wall

4. topic

Be it a Star Wars or Medieval fan – kitchens are like a blank canvas, you can look at them like a piece of art that you can customize to your own taste. And a kitchen in a certain theme is not only original, but also unique.

5. Child-friendly

Children like to have an innocent, destructive streak. It is very annoying when the freshly painted wall is completely scrawled with chalk. One way to prevent this is to make a whole wall (or section) in the kitchen as a blackboard. This can then be used as a shopping list.

6. Decoration

Although beautifully designed walls alone are an eye-catcher, but some details complete the look just perfect: Whether it is the symmetrically suspended pans, wall tattoos, paintings, plates on the wall or philosophical sayings such as “The early bird catches the worm “hallelujah” – little things make the difference.

7. Functionality

In the design of kitchen walls, functionality should be top priority, as well as appearance. So you should weigh where you have structures and where you can attach objects. Because tiles or natural stone over the stove are not only an eye-catcher, but also serve as a splash guard.

Of course, all these seven aspects can be combined. It’s not about killing a whole kitchen with tiles or stainless steel, but about setting successful accents. Whether the kitchen is rustic or modern, each kitchen deserves some color. So you are spoiled for choice now.