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Breakfast nook design ideas for great mornings

Breakfast nook design ideas for great mornings

The most common place for sweet breakfast nooks and crannies is the kitchen, provided you don’t want to eat traditional breakfasts or snacks in the house dining room. Some families even use their breakfast nook furniture for regular meals and forego the hassle of moving dishes and groceries around the house.

The breakfast nook design ideas are fantastic even if you haven’t thought about the purpose beforehand. It can become your favorite coffee in the morning or a place to hang out with friends for wine and chat in the evening.

It is both a stylish and a functional kitchen solution that can be implemented in the smallest and most complicated space.

These are the essential preparations you need to make before jumping on to the breakfast nook plans:

Plan budget

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings11 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Sutton Suzuki Architects

How much money would you like to spend on a breakfast nook? Once you have this information, it’s time to turn to the style, function or size of the perfect corner for your kitchen.

Select the appropriate corner

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings10 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: 360 design studio

You shouldn’t set a special place for the corner, just use the one you already have. A corner breakfast nook is usually perfect as the 90 ° angle allows comfortable seats to be inserted without taking up too much space (e.g. an attractive bench).

The breakfast nooks look amazing under a window. We therefore recommend that you place them there whenever possible. Windows are responsible for the diffusion of natural light inside, especially when their purpose is enhanced by breathtaking outdoor views that make breakfast even tastier.


Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings4 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: The sky is the limit design

Why not be more creative than fixing a simple ceiling light? Instead, go for a hanging chandelier or pending light, ideally 30 to 35 inches from the tabletop. If there’s no way to readjust the hand wiring, choose smaller table lamps or replace the huge chandelier with a smaller one.

If you’re looking for a traditional theme, do so with wood or metal options, or even painted chandeliers with chintz hues and painted flowers. If you need light to follow a contemporary path, hand pendants made of painted glass or those with barrel shades.

Go for seating that can be removed

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings9 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source:
Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

Just because the breakfast nooks are small and angular, many homeowners make the mistake of building seating into the walls or attaching them to their kitchen islands.

In both cases, the seat is also permanently attached to the floor, making the damage even greater than it actually is. Instead, we recommend that you choose temporary options that suit the needs of the location but are also flexible for multiple social functions.

In case you have no idea how to achieve this, we recommend reaching out to an interior designer or consulting the seller and explaining what you need.

Look for high quality pieces

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings12 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Amanda Nisbet

There are only a few criteria according to which each breakfast nook must be selected. For example, it has to be comfortable, soft and made of extremely durable and dirt-repellent materials.

As careful as you are, you will eventually spoil coffee on the seating and you don’t want this to turn into irreparable damage.


Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings6 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Siemasko + Verbridge

The color scheme of your breakfast nook needs to match the rest of your decor, but that doesn’t stop you from getting right down to the details.

In fact, you can use accessories to show a dose of personality and spark interest towards the corner. It can be a round table in a square place or a rectangular bench in a narrow one – there is always a way to combine beauty and functionality!

Then there are a lot of details that can impress the angle: you can use interesting vases, cloths or placemats that will make you dream of the coziness of this place when you are not at home.

Use of benches for storage

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings2 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Reconstruction of Normandy

If you have two small benches on either side of the corner, we recommend that you use these for storage. You can either buy hinges that have lids that open or turn the front of each into a low cabinet.

The storage space doesn’t have to be too big – in both cases it is a valuable addition for storing plates or cookbooks.

Small kitchens are no excuse for skipping breakfast nooks

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings1 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Jackson Cabinetry LLC

Who said that a small kitchen cannot accommodate a breakfast nook? Unless we’re really talking about a square meter with only space for a hob and sink, stick with your idea of ​​having a cozy breakfast spot.

It doesn’t have to be the best ever: sometimes even a corner pedestal with a small banquet can become your favorite kitchen detail.

Mark the floor area

For maintenance reasons, kitchens usually have smooth floors with a hard surface. The best way to point out the kitchen area is to “soften” the corner with a warm, interestingly shaped rug.

The rug will look cozy and amazing, but the added benefit you get from it is the warmth for those family members who like to eat barefoot in the morning.

Choose a material that is easy to clean or something colorful and patterned that doesn’t make damage so obvious. We recommend a kilim, dhurrie, or rag as the best options.


Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings5 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc.

You may want your breakfast nook to be unique, but you shouldn’t make it noticeably different from the rest of your kitchen.

The best strategy is to keep it close to the decor of the room, such as buying a rustic one for country style kitchens. For modern kitchens we recommend leather and glass pieces, for classic kitchens there should also be an inviting vase with fresh flowers or other floral motifs.

If your kitchen supports Scandinavian design, consider introducing wooden tables and benches.

Give the corner its personal moment of fame

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings8 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Life in the south

If possible, point out that the breakfast nook is a separate design element and give it the attention it deserves. Even if your kitchen doesn’t allow for special layout subdivisions, provide visual cues to give the corners the attention they deserve. As mentioned, it can be a colorful rug, a similar material, or even a specially placed light fixture to emphasize the layout.


Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings13 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: AMDG Architects

Even if you think there is nothing in the window area, leave the window there. It’s a minimal element that brings light and positive vibes inside, and when dressed appropriately, it can make the corner look more comfortable and homely than it already is.

For example, we recommend colorful and textured solutions or even patterns that are not too far from the rest of the kitchen.

A nice solution is woven shades because they look good and have amazing texture, but still leave the window uncovered and let light in.

Colors can be added with unique fabric choices, cornice boards, fake tones, or flounces, while heavy drapes and shutters are only welcome for windows overlooking a street.

Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings 14 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

Another great tip is an adjustable sunshade in case your window faces east, ideally something like blinds that look cozy but are still better than simple blinds.

They are an excellent solution for any window as they look equally great when opened, half opened and closed.


Breakfast-Nook-Design-Ideas-for-Awesome-Mornings3 Breakfast Nook Design-Ideas for Awesome MorningsImage source: Heydt Designs

It’s good to look for ideas and get inspiration, but don’t just copy the first solution you like. The breakfast nook from your favorite design magazine may be very nice, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll use it in your kitchen too.

There are many original solutions to implement and sometimes all you need is a pendant light or wall art to achieve the effect you want.