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Christmas decoration ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

Christmas decoration ideas: Let yourself be inspired!

The Advent calendar – a must have

It is clear, the possibilities to create a cozy Christmas decoration are great! Definitely one of them advent Calendar, Why? The Advent calendar is perfect as a personalized decoration and tunes us in tinkering and wrapping the little gifts for Christmas. The whole thing is topped by the bright eyes of the recipients, who are happy about the gifts in the calendar.

Christmas decoration for the table

At any time of the year you do not get together at the table more often than at Christmas. A great opportunity to love those with a Christmas Table decoration to surprise. Natural Christmas decorations such as straw stars, decorative pine branches, an Advent arrangement, fairy lights or simple candles are always there – but you can also experiment properly! How about, for example, a Christmas tree made of floating baubles? Or a few gifts as a decorative anticipation of the mess? Wish wrapping paper for Christmas, ideas for wrapping the gifts and deco you can find in the ideas of our community members. Of course, we also have deco favorites for after-shopping for you.

Christmas decoration ideas: The Christmas tree

  • Let there be light Every year in the December the same question – atmospheric, real candles or practical fairy lights? If you have candles in the Christmas tree you have to decide on a combination of both. In especially nice hours, for example for a gift, the candles are burning. If you do not pay close attention to the tree, you simply switch on the fairy lights.
  • A color scheme: Christmas may deco be cheesy. If you still want to track a thread, a color scheme helps to create a consistent framework.
  • Different surfaces: If you look for a color in the Christmas balls, as decided red or gold, like to mix with the shades of the surfaces. Matte, glittering and shiny balls of a hue harmonize wonderfully and give depth to the Christmas decoration.
  • Nice is what likes: There is no limit to decorating ideas for the Christmas tree. Also decoration for Tinker, baked gingerbread hearts and the straw stars of grandma allowed in the tree. If a coarse color scheme is followed, these details look even more beautiful.