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Protect your home and family this winter

Protect your home and family this winter

The winter months are just around the corner again, and this is the time of year we need it Take extra precautions to keep our families safe. What steps can you take to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is safe, warm and happy?

There are some very simple things you can do We have put together a handful of tips for you.

Install bright outdoor lighting

The The biggest problems of the winter months are the weather and the darkness. Shorter days and longer nights mean everyone who comes to your door has to see where they are going to keep safety.

Outdoor Lights-Northern-Kentucky-Cincinnati Protect your home and family this winter

Check your front, back, and side porch lights – you probably haven’t used them in the summer so they may not work – and consider buying LED motion sensor lights for outdoors which come in a number of different styles and are surprisingly affordable.

With these, everyone who approaches, finds their way, is brightly lit.

Check your roof insulation

You want to be warm and cozy in the house too, so when was that? Last time you checked your insulation? A large amount of heat in houses is lost through poorly insulated loft areas – The heat rises of course – so make sure you have yours completely covered for the coming winter.

If you are anticipating very cold weather, it may be worth checking the pipe lag – especially outdoors – as frozen water pipes are more than a minor inconvenience and can lead to bigger, more expensive problems.

Keep paths and drive clear of snow

Snow and ice are another problem in winter, and let’s face it, there is nothing we can do about the weather! It is important that you keep your paths and drives clear;; This way, you and your family can safely drive to and from the house and get the cars or bikes out of the garage.

Snow Protect your home and family this winter

Also, make sure you clear the path in front of your house. You may want to invest in a powered snow blower for this job as it makes life a lot easier – This can be a pretty big buy So make sure you do extensive research and read a lot Snow blower operator before you buy.

Check your roof for damage

In daylight, take a moment to check your roof surfaces – including your garage and outbuildings – for loose bricks or shingles and other potential areas that can leak.

These can be exaggerated by the cold weather as the snow and ice are very heavy and annoying and you have a large repair bill. Remember that too Remove heavy snow from your roof as soon as possibleas the weight can damage the fabric of the roof itself.

To do this, you can surprisingly cheaply buy dedicated snow rakes that are worthwhile.

And finally

A few more ideas: Make sure you have the emergency numbers for your utilities you can find it somewhere and have a flashlight ready in the event of a power failure.

If you find yourself in an area with very heavy snowfall, stock up on food, water, and fuel for heating and check that all of your systems are fully functional and functional. Then sit back and enjoy the winter!