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Install recessed lights in residential and commercial buildings

A recessed light is a luminaire of light that is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling. It gives a bright ray of light that shines down from the ceiling. The light is concentrated either as a narrow spotlight or a wide spotlight downwards. A recessed lamp has three luminaires, namely trim, lamp and housing. The visible part if the light is trim and the insert can be seen when you look up at the luminaire in the ceiling while the house is the lamp holder that is installed inside the ceiling. The recessed luminaires accommodate many types of light bulbs, given the amount of heat generated by the light bulb.

Select the cover for a recessed light

Choosing a house for a recessed light needs some technical knowledge. You need to consider things like installing the recessed light in a new building or on the roof of an already built house. The houses are bulky in new construction because the electrician has full access to the roof during installation, while less bulky enclosures are suitable for apartments with less space but holes are definitely made in the roof. Another aspect of consideration is to define whether an IC or non-IC rated component is required. Finally, the voltage is needed whether it is low or high to illuminate a certain area.

The size of the trim

An edge of a recessed light can be chosen according to your personal choice as it reflects your style. The trim sizes vary from 3 “to 6” in diameter. Trims of larger size provide a wider beam of light while the smaller ones are modern and decorative and usually more desirable. The 6-inch strips are intended for greater lighting in residential buildings, as they contain high wattage effects and many efficient lamps. 4 ”and 5” trim are intended for accents and work lighting for shorter distances.

Many trim styles

Once you have determined the size of the trim, you need to choose a trim style that depends on the application and the effect you want. The different styles are Baffle Trim, Reflector Trim, Adjustable Trim, Lensed Trim, Wall Washed Trim and the Decorative Trims. A baffle cover is the perfect choice for living room, dining rooms and the bedroom, while a reflector cover works best for high ceilings or commercial applications. All styles of trimmer are available in several colors and shades.