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Check out these amazing male home decorations

Check out these amazing male home decorations

Have you ever thought about your lack of masculine home design? Did it seem to you that the place didn’t reflect the masculine sensations? Most of the time, this is a signal that you are not happy with your home and that it needs some serious renovation.

Male furnishing ideas usually refer to clear decoration and an uncomplicated appearance, ideally enriched with bold colors and patterns. However, excessive accessories are not a feature of male home decorations.

Discover These Amazing Male Home Decorations1 Discover These Amazing Male Home DecorationsImage source: Fabiola Avelino Interiors

Male design ideas are not necessarily associated with bachelorette blocks – they will be adopted in home decorating by anyone with modern, minimalist tastes. The style works with clean lines and efficient elements, while the decor is quirky and well positioned. Sometimes a manly room just needs simple furniture designed with appropriate colors, fabrics and textures.

Sounds like something you’d like to have at home? Read our implementation tips and find out how masculine ideas can be implemented without overdoing or over-simplifying.

Enrich your home with colors and details

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Like an elegant catwalk gentleman, a manly home should reflect the modern and urban lifestyle.

“Stealing” the catwalk look and replicating it in your home decor usually refers to using dark and sultry palettes (charcoal, mood blues, rich chocolate or deep gray) or creating a dramatic experience with oversized furniture (Chesterfield sofas ), heavy mahogany tables, etc.).

One thing to keep in mind is that any color can play the role of a “male decorator”. All it takes is to discover its richest and darkest versions. Male houses are also known to play with color, but they simply hold large surfaces (walls, floors) to provide a counterbalance to their furniture.

Discover the masculine materials

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Do you already have an idea? To name just a few: wood, glass and leather play a very masculine role. Cushions are still welcomed in limited proportions because without them you stand up to get a cold and unfriendly room. Replacing curtains with bamboo covers, for example, could go perfectly with soft rugs or carpeting, while the oversized leather sofa could have tweed pieces or be “softened” with a few cozy pillows.

Discover the masculine forms

Explore These Amazing Male Home Decorations3 Explore These Amazing Male Home DecorationsImage source: studio1408

Shapes and shapes are important for a person to determine whether an object looks more feminine or masculine (for example, curvy objects are more feminine, while clean lines and sharp geometric shapes look austere and masculine). Another factor that determines the “gender” of an item is its weight.

Using what you’ve shared previously, we recommend choosing heavy and sturdy furniture, keeping the edges straight and sharp, and combining hardwood furniture with soft upholstery. Some of the best ideas are upholstered chairs, mahogany tables, and box-shaped cabinets.

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Another thing to remember about masculine design is the balanced presence of both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Minimalist ideas usually suggest vertical elements (they visually enlarge the space), while strong geometry supports both horizontal and vertical lines.

What is special about this combination is that it immediately attracts attention and helps you to keep your home visually clean, even if it is not quite the case (sounds familiar, gentlemen?).

There should be no fluff at all

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Men like to have a clean and organized schedule and feel the same about their homes. This is why you would never see frilly curtains or fluffy pillows in a masculine room. Instead, they cover windows with organic fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, etc.); or they eschew covers altogether and use more practical 2-inch slats to close their windows.

Your beds are immaculately decorated, with nothing but stripes or no-frills patterns. After all, you want your carpets to stay simple (in fact, they are only used on floors with a hard surface), ideally jute or sisal floors that have no fluffy textures at all.

Just choose instead of highest

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Another well-known “male” habit is doing the impossible to make a room elegant and sophisticated. However, exaggeration often leads to the opposite result, and before you even know it you are expected to live surrounded by clutter and excess. Isn’t it time to question your decor? How does some editing sound?

In order to keep the effort as low as possible, you should opt for decorative objects that also have functional features. Choose pieces that add to the beautiful look of your room (e.g. a large and impressive sculpture does less harm than a large collection of smaller ones).

Bring light in

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Dark pallets and oversized furniture are very manly, but they can make a room feel moody and gloomy. In order to feel comfortable during your stay, you have to contrast this darkness with plenty of natural light.

Light makes rooms less difficult and brings a healthy breeze inside. If natural light is a problem (e.g. lack of windows), opt for artificial lights that can help you avoid the “cave charm” in your home.

Go easy with details

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A wealth of details (accessories, artwork, furnishings, etc.) is a truly feminine approach. Male rooms, on the other hand, can be equipped very well and concentrate on large and impressive elements.

First of all, they would require symmetry instead of the feminine curves. Fortunately for designers, symmetry is much easier to achieve: it can either refer to two equally placed bedside tables on either side of the bed or to matching lamps in two opposite corners. As mentioned earlier, masculine design favors clean lines that are mostly visible on door frames or shelves and wine racks. In short, you are not expected to focus on the details, but rather the overall design.

Keep things in order

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Don’t just scatter your pillows around or hang pictures in the least-expected spots. In a masculine world, things come in perfect order – in fact, the order is so important that you can apply a “geometry theme” and place the decor in a 90 degree manner, ideally in triplicate combinations. In this way, even the most unreasonable mix of elements and colors looks logical and harmonious.

The greener the better

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While we understand that a bouquet of tulips isn’t exactly masculine, well-positioned plants are still a healthy and beautiful addition to any home. Thanks to them, a room will become fresh and bright, and there are even those that do not require too much attention (busy city dwellers, few will really appreciate them).

It’s all about you

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It really is for men to “sign” designs with their own personal stamp. The same goes for their place: without their memorable art collection or a single beloved painting, it would never look good enough to indicate that the place is theirs.

You will never see a man’s room with no exposed items, from well-organized ties to framed posters and sports memorabilia. It’s probably the only design moment when men exaggerate and even destroy the entire appeal of their design.

Define your topic

Explore These Amazing Male Home Decorations10 Explore These Amazing Male Home DecorationsImage source: Century Custom Homes LLP

If topics are really your thing, choose topics that evoke a “manly” feel. No need to stick to hunting classics and hanging horns around, opting for a vintage travel project (old maps, globes, and souvenirs) or a simple natural theme instead.

If this sounds too easy and straightforward, choose a unique topic that suits your interests and preferences. The truth is, any item you own can provide inspiration. Take your suit as an example: it can inspire you to strive for functionality and decorate rooms with high-quality fabrics and clean lines.