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Choosing the right floor lamp shades

Choosing the right floor lamp shades

Floor lamps are becoming popular today when they accentuate a particular area or object in a room. It is thus considered to be more of a decorative luminaire than a functional luminaire. There are many different types of floor lamps. Some do not need lampshades while others require lampshades. For those who need lampshades, here are some tips to help you choose the best shade for your floor lamp.

Check the bottom of the floor lamp

Each floor lamp has a different shape for the base. Choosing a good lampshade means that you take into account the shape of the base of the lampshade. The shape of the lampshade you buy should therefore complement the base of the lampshade to create a harmonious look floor lampshades.

Check the colors in your room

Of course, the floor lamp is placed in a certain room that has some furniture and other fixtures. These colors should be remembered when shopping for a floor lamp shade. The colors should therefore resemble those in the room or complement them.

Determine the purpose of the lampshade

You can get a lampshade either for function or for atmosphere. Lampshades selected for atmosphere may have different depths to scatter light. If you want a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the lampshade should have a darker tone. If more light is needed, a lighter shade should be considered. However, if you choose to use the lampshade for a function, such as highlighting a particular aspect or object in a room, you may want to consider a lampshade that allows light to flow only in a direction toward the specific object or aspect of a room.

Choose a lampshade that can make a statement

You may want to make a fashion statement with your floor lamp shade. Thus, you may want to consider buying one that has colors similar to your furniture, carpets, wallpaper, cabinets or other items you may have in your room. You can also get floor lamp shades that come in print or patterns that compliment the look of the entire room.

Considerations with floor lamp shades

Make sure that the height of the lampshade is not too high so that the light bulb is visible to everyone or too low so that you have to stretch your hand too much to light the light bulb.