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Decorate your home with antique chandeliers

Decorate your home with antique chandeliers

Chandeliers are beautiful light sources. They are elegant and can create a wonderful atmosphere for special occasions and even in everyday life. Like all other lamps, chandeliers also have shades. This type of chandelier is also very easy to assemble at home. There are many types of chandelier lampshades that depict different moods and can create a completely different atmosphere. For example – there are chandeliers that are best for romance, robust chandeliers that are made of iron, crystal chandeliers that are simply drop-dead beautiful and suitable for all moods and large chandeliers for huge rooms. What makes chandeliers different from other pedants and wall hangings is its enormous size. The first chandelier was originally wooden together like a cross that held light. Owning chandeliers was considered a sign of wealth during the Middle Ages. In Agra fort, India, there was a chandelier where there is no electric light, that chandelier could be lowered and candles were lit on holders built into the chandelier and then pulled up again. It is one of the oldest known chandeliers now housed in a museum in England.


While glass chandeliers are made entirely of glass, antique chandeliers are mainly made of wood or iron, so they look sturdy. Although this is more durable than crystal chandeliers, only people who collect or people who like old classic things can like this. These chandeliers have mainly brown color to give them their classic look. The brown color is either due to the fact that they consist of wood or have a wood finish. They are mainly used as a decorative or aesthetic factor, they can also serve as a light source for parties or other functions. Antique chandelier is also best placed in the dining room or living room like all other chandeliers. Try not to install this chandelier if the rest of the interior of your house is modern.


Antique chandeliers are also made in a variety of patterns. They are mainly made in the form of lights around a circular frame. They can also change the same design and make the candles in a spiral. The shades can be either glass or other fabrics depending on what you need. The shadow part of the chandelier is often made of stained glass so that it has a vintage look.