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The Home Bar, a must for every gentleman

The Home Bar, a must for every gentleman

It is interesting to see what positive changes occur when a man buys his own house, as suddenly factors like home decor, furnishings and character suddenly become much more important.

Few feel better about having your own blank canvas of property to work with and make your living space a unique expression of your own identity – and few home improvement makers make that statement as boldly as designing and building a home bar .

Much like an evening out on the town, the bars that you visit frequently are generally the ones that make you feel most comfortable – those that share your “style”. For some people this is sleek and modern cocktail lounges, for others a classic rocker bar with spit and sawdust. The beauty of a home bar design is that it fits your character perfectly and completely.

A bar can be pushed into the corner of a modest apartment or occupy a larger room or basement (very popular) in larger buildings – and much like bars, pubs, and clubs, they’re an ongoing project that can be added and changed over the years adjusted in the coming years.

Here we look at some of the points to consider when coming up with your perfect home bar accessories, and some tips to think about before you get started!

The design of the bar

The-Home-Bar-A must for every gentelman-2 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

As mentioned above, the design of the bar must match the space it is dedicated to. The good news is that you can put a lot of alcohol in a small space – but think about the aesthetics of the bar itself. Will the bar be a static unit built into the existing living space, or foldable / portable?

What shape will it be – L-shaped, U-shaped, I-shaped? Are cabinets built in or are the shelves good enough? Also, think about storing glasses, refrigerators, ice machines, sinks, and plumbing – will they be necessary or can they be bypassed?

Customize the bar to your taste

The-Home-Bar-A must for every gentelman-3 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

When you have a house that is already super decorated minimalistic Style it might be a little strange to have a replica pub full of clutter and neon in the corner! The style of the bar should really blend in with the overall decor of the home, and attention must be paid to color schemes, decoration, and the location of the bar itself.

For some people the bar is an extension of their kitchen or living room, for others it should be in a separate room away from the family areas – often in a “man’s cave”! Think about how the bar will be used – is it an occasional toy for entertaining guests or an everyday part of your home life? Understanding what you want and how best to install it will ultimately lead to a harmonious installation of the home bar.

Think about memory

The-Home-Bar-A-must-for-every-gentleman-4 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

Storage is important because this is not only where your alcohol and supplies are kept, but most importantly, your choices can be showcased. This must be appropriate for the type of bar you are installing. For example, a solid, stately, and permanent installation deserves more expensive cabinets designed specifically for the bar.

On the flip side, a pop-up bar, perhaps no bigger than a redesigned catering cart on wheels, can be perfectly content with some shelves or bookcases to match the kitsch look. Storage can change or change the look of the bar, and as always, the goal is not just to know what you want and make it unique for yourself, but a huge part of the fun too!

No ideas? Think of nostalgia …

The-Home-Bar-a-must-for-every-gentleman-5 The home-bar, a must for every gentleman

A very popular kick start for those struggling to determine the format of their bar is to think back and try to recreate a bar from their past or perhaps from popular culture. Maybe a bar you went to in college – perfect for hanging old photos and memorabilia.

Alternatively a classic bar from the television (Cheers is very popular!) Or somewhere earlier. Perhaps you choose a theme like a “classic” English pub or a German beer cellar. The possibilities for home bar ideas are endless. It’s a great thing, but it doesn’t always make the decision easier.

The Home Bar’s Positive Practices

The-Home-Bar-A must for every gentelman-6 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

A home bar is not only incredibly cool, but also amazingly practical, cheap, and safe. Alcohol consumed at home can be around 75% cheaper than what was bought in one evening. You are literally ten seconds before bed and there is no risk of being vilified by drunk driving, assault or robbery.

Sure, a no-fun night every now and then, but chances are that like many people with their own bars you now and then have a lot more fun than going out every weekend.

Guest seating & islands

The-Home-Bar-a-must-for-every-gentleman-7 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

You need to think about how to accommodate your guests at the bar as there is not much point in serving drinks in one room just for visitors to go to another to find a chair to sit on. Take a look at your existing furniture and think how easy it would be to rearrange a large number of guests. Do you need furniture for the bar or can you just use what you already own?

Bar stools are a great – Some would say essential – In addition, the space should allow it and also consider installing an island. This way, snacks can be served, drinks can be rested and guests can gather and socialize. The same goes for installing a kitchen sink – this can get expensive, but it makes your bar a truly stand-alone unit and saves the hustle and bustle of the kitchen cleaning glasses.

Household appliances and the tools of trade

The-Home-Bar-A-must-for-every-gentleman-9 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

Again, this depends heavily on the size and scope of the bar, taking into account how often it is used and approximately how many guests are present. A bar that gets used for a few friends a few times a month to play sports doesn’t need two fridges, a freezer, hundreds of glasses, etc – it’s a waste of energy and you will likely have outdated inventory.

Likewise, small pop-up bars may only require a small portable refrigerator and an ice bucket to be filled from the kitchen freezer – size and usage benefits really matter.

The-Home-Bar-A must for every gentelman-11 The Home-Bar, a must for every gentleman

Will the bar be a ‘Wet bar‘With running water and beer kegs, a cocktail bar that requires lots of shakers, stirrers, and specialty glassware, or even an outside grill bar that may need sturdy lockable cabinets. The format should be based on the style, which in turn makes it pretty clear what level of equipment and supplies you are likely to need.

But remember that building a home bar is a progressive devour, and it doesn’t require splattering thousands at once. In fact, if you have an idea of ​​when / how often / how busy your bar will be, it’s often better to work gradually.

Final thoughts

The-Home-Bar-a-must-for-every-gentleman-1 The home-bar, a must for every gentleman

Hopefully this guide has whetted your appetite for one of the most glorious home improvement projects any man can tackle! Always remember even though it is your bar and should be an extension of your hangout and hobbies.