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Chandelier to illuminate the kitcheN

Chandelier to illuminate the kitcheN

A kitchen chandelier is a very important lighting fixture in the kitchen to provide sufficient lighting to help you cook in a simple way. From rustic designs such as wrought iron to more classic and decorative glass diffusers, chandeliers in the kitchen are in a very large selection. In fact, a chandelier will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Reasons to have a chandelier in the kitchen

Chandeliers are not just for the living room or dining room, it is the trend to have a chandelier for the kitchen as it is the most functional room in the house. Installing a chandelier in the kitchen is the perfect way to add a design item to your kitchen. With a worktop in the middle of the kitchen, a chandelier provides direct lighting while you work. The cabinets and other areas will also receive good lighting from the chandelier. If you have a kitchen with table and chairs, the chandelier can be installed directly over the table. Since the kitchen is a workplace, the chandelier should be smaller in size and not low-hanging.

Best chandelier for your kitchen

A chandelier in the kitchen should have a simple rather than a detailed design as cleaning it would be easier. Glass shades would be better than fabric shades for the kitchen. Always avoid chandeliers with extra brightness, sharp contrasts or if the light source is small. It will be a good idea to install dimmers in the kitchen along with the chandelier. Recessed lamps on each side of the chandelier over the table help to give two narrow rays of light. Frosted shades open at the top provide soft light in the ceiling and thus illuminate the entire room.

Different types of chandeliers for the kitchen

A black ebony chandelier will look really striking in a kitchen and will complement the dark granite countertop and the white walls. Small crystal chandelier gives the kitchen a decorative and royal look. A glitter chandelier with a bright pendant lamp illuminates the entire kitchen with a glittering and bright light. A wrought iron chandelier becomes a charming point of contact in the kitchen. Such chandeliers with a vintage look are inspired by the ornate Spanish ironwork that gives a timeless appeal to the kitchen.