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5 tips for carpet installation

5 tips for carpet installation

Ok, so you’ve finally got an expensive carpet for your home and have planned to install it all by yourself. Great. But, let me tell you the truth. Installing a carpet, though is not technically difficult, can be very challenging for most of us. Limited working space, large rolls of the carpet, are some of the elements that make the work more difficult for you.

With that being said, with the help of some tips you can actually make the installation process much easier. Below mentioned are five tips that can make the carpet installation process a breeze for you.

The first thing you’ll need for an easy carpet installation is a fully equipped toolbox. Ensure that you have Stanley knives, scissors, measuring tape, marking instruments, as well as a ruler. Having easy access to all these tools will save time and will also ensure that the installation is easier and not challenging.

A carpet stretcher is a must-have to ensure that the carpet looks neat and attractive after installation. If you do it without a stretcher, chances are your results will be far from flattering. Lumps and wrinkles will steal away the looks of your beautiful, expensive carpet.

This goes without saying that you cannot install two pieces of a patterned carpet in any combination that you want. You’ll end up making your carpet look awkward. Even if your carpet is non-patterned, you can still detect the proper direction of laying it, by looking the carpet from different directions in light.

If you have a patterned carpet, it is better to buy around 5-10% more in order to ensure that you don’t fall short. You’ll have more waste in patterned carpet as compared to non-patterned ones, as you need to cut more of it to ensure that they are laid in proper combination.