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How to choose foyer lighting

How to choose foyer lighting

Your home is the place where you should feel relaxed. It is the place where you want to come after the long day. What’s the first thing you see? The entrance! But if the foyer lighting is not good, you will not see anything. Also, if the lighting is poor, your mood will be ruined the first time you come home. How do I make the entrance welcoming? Which lamps should you choose? Let’s take a look at some of the tips that may be helpful to you.

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Usually there is not much space in the entrance. A bunch of coats and shoes make the place messy and gloomy. Even if all the things are hidden in the box, there will not be too much space. When choosing the lamp, you should consider the size. The lamp that is too large may not fit. In addition, it can look too bulky and ruin your room design. The purpose is to let every guest who enters your house see how bright and welcoming the place is. An oversized pendant will not help you. Choose simple lamps in medium size. They will cast the warm glow and make the atmosphere more pleasant.

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Another interesting foyer lighting trick is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčilluminating certain objects and places with the help of track lighting, wall lamps and table lamps. Wall lamps are fantastic because they are compact. Do not take up too much space, these lamps give the room enough light, which makes the atmosphere a bit romantic. If there is a small sofa in your entrance, there is also a coffee table. Maybe there is a buffet with interesting details. In addition, there may be a coffee table where you put keys and other important things. In any case, you need a desk lamp. Its soft light makes the space ambient and inviting. You do not have to worry about losing something. You always see where you put your bag, phone, etc.


There is nothing wrong with experimenting. The best option to check if something will look good in your entrance is to try it. Use different materials and styles. Try to make the interior personal.

Foyer lighting is an important element in all homes. It helps guests make the first positive review about your home. In addition, it makes you feel relaxed once inside. Combine different lighting fixtures to get the most functional and appealing interior.