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How to decorate with white

When most of us think of white interiors, they envision a pristine and formal environment where everyone inside feels special, like the space has been specially prepared for them. Perhaps this is why white is often perceived as impractical, even if it has a completely different connotation today. The way …

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Beautiful window home design ideas

Is your home surrounded by an ever-changing climate? The weather cannot always be accurately predicted, which makes it a real problem when enjoying the great outdoors. Some weather patterns are easy to predict from the weather stations, but you never really know if a storm can ruin your perfect getaway. …

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Interior design in the African style

It may surprise you to know that much of the world’s interior design inspiration comes from just two major geographic locations. Often we look mainly at western concepts, inspired by different European nations and the design styles that originated there, as well as the east where some of the ideas …

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How to design a Japanese bedroom

Planning the design of your bedroom can be a little tricky, especially if you are basing your decoration on a theme. In fact, you are already being asked to choose a suitable topic! Popular trends suggest that people follow themes inspired by different world cultures, similar to their architecture and …

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Elegant mansion from Urban Design Associates

Most people who envision an elegant mansion think of something modern that goes with the technology we have today. When you combine this technology and add a little bit of medieval design and architecture, you get the Saguaro Forest VII. The Saguaro Forest VII is introduced by Scottsdale Urban Design …

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