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Choose the right chandelier crystal

Choose the right chandelier crystal

A chandelier crystal is good for setting a certain mood and creating a visual interest in the room while giving volumes of elegance. Actually, there is no other accessory in the home that will carry the same amount of decorative weight as much as a chandelier crystal wears. Consumers looking to take advantage of this lighting fixture need to look at the style and size. One should also consider the color and effect. It allows for the right place to be used for you to get enhanced beauty in the section you have chosen.

Let’s take a look at each of these features and discuss them in detail.

Choose the right size

In modern society, the use of chandeliers is no longer limited to the dining room, as the different wide sizes have made it possible to use them in all parts of the house. In general, bigger is always better. This is because choosing a smaller one can lead to it getting lost in the room. Let the size be significant to perfectly create the mood needed.

When looking at the size of the chandelier crystal, you should consider the diameter, height and room size.


For a small space, a 20-inch crystal chandelier is suitable. For a medium-sized room, use a size 36 inches. If you want your chandelier to hang in your dining room, make it size 12 inches.


Higher chandeliers should be used in rooms with higher ceilings. For a chandelier in the dining room, let it clear the table surface by 30 inches.

Room size aspect

A mini crown is better used to turn your bathroom into a living room. On the other hand, a large chandelier creates a commanding presence.