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How to decorate with white

How to decorate with white

When most of us think of white interiors, they envision a pristine and formal environment where everyone inside feels special, like the space has been specially prepared for them.

Perhaps this is why white is often perceived as impractical, even if it has a completely different connotation today.

The way things are currently in design, white is a preferred choice for relaxed and informal interiors, and it is a top choice as it can be combined with all colors, fabrics and materials.

How to decorate with white14 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Patterson Custom Homes

One thing stays true: white is a great idea for everyday settings, especially modern ones where it is paired with warm and cool pops of color to make rooms look interesting.

Indeed, white can be an amazing idea for a beautiful home provided you actually know how to decorate with white. Let’s check:

Bright accessories

How to decorate with white13 How to decorate with whiteImage source: 2id Interiors

As mentioned earlier, the best side of white is that you can mix and match it with any color you like. For a modern environment, we recommend bright accessories, preferably green, yellow or turquoise.

The contrast between white and darker hues is much stronger, but this one is just adorable and immediately piques interest.

The role of fittings in a white environment

You probably never thought of it, but the metal fixtures that you already have one way or another are really powerful in a white setting.

The inherent nature of this shade becomes apparent when used alongside chrome plated nickel or even antique bronze. This can be seen most clearly in the bathroom, where showers, tubs, and sinks are usually white.

What these shiny lights do in a white setting is that they look even cleaner than they actually are. So use it.

Contrast wise

How to decorate with white1 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Patrick Sutton Associates

Even if you’re in a completely monochrome room, white can’t keep the setting flat and you need a clever color trick to reveal the real beauty of the room.

You can contrast yourself with any color you like, especially if the walls are simply white. However, we recommend that you deviate a little and make them a little darker.

For example, you can paint the walls a delicate beige or ice blue and keep the moldings and moldings pure white – the trick will make the room look bigger and add depth to the atmosphere you want to create.

It is also a very good idea to combine pastel colored wall settings with striking white and lacquered furniture.

White kitchens

How to decorate with white 3 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

Kitchens should no longer be brown, and that is especially true of furniture.

Instead of combining dark hues, consider white cabinets with granite / marble countertops as this is the cleanest, most elegant solution for any kitchen.

You can still keep brown in the butcher’s block counter on the island as it goes perfectly with your classic cabinets.

White upholstery is not impossible

How to decorate with white2 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Sheffield Furniture & Interiors

While many designers will try to change your mind, saying that white upholstery is uncomfortable and difficult to maintain, it doesn’t have to ruin your snow-white living room project.

You can keep your white upholstery provided you’ve chosen a fabric that is stain resistant or easy to wash.

For example, you can still make your seating arrangements white with leather, denim, and suede seat covers, which will damage even the most heavily trafficked areas.

At the same time, the upholstery is both affordable and easy to replace these days, so there is nothing to worry about.

White in natural surroundings

How to decorate with white4 How to decorate with whiteImage source:
Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

In combination with warm and natural materials (raffia or maybe even wood) white is one of the most modern and aesthetic design solutions. The key in this situation is getting the texture right, which is why walls should be kept clean or just a little creamy.

For the floors, we recommend sophisticated and light nuances and appropriate finishes to avoid damage.

When it comes to materials and fabrics, white goes best with linen, woven raffia, knitted wool or cotton, just like furniture made of chocolate brown or dark walnut wood.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the accessories either and carefully choose the final details of your perfect white interior.

White’s breathtaking power of contrast

How to decorate with white5 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Tim Cuppett Architects

Well, white contrasts will pretty much anything, even its own warmer / cooler tones.

The king of all contrasts is definitely black versus white, as the two are the furthest apart on the palette and look the most noticeable when combined.

Black and white interiors are therefore classic solutions that do not require a different color to shake up.

Still, there are many people who consider this contrast solution to be too strong for their tastes. We therefore recommend that you use different surfaces (e.g. a lacquered table next to a matt wall) in order to weaken the matchy-matchy effect in the room.

Warmer white

How to decorate with white6 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Habitat Studio

Another way to soften the noticeable effect of black and white combinations is to soften white with wooden furniture elements such as bookcases, picture frames, coffee tables, trays, etc.

Warmer metallic should also be considered (mainly copper and brass) as it not only adds warmth to the room but also makes it look expensive and glamorous.

When you’re done, remember the green. Are there really too many potted plants?

White bathrooms are the best

How to decorate with white 7 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Sonali shah

Has it ever occurred to you that at least 80% of the bathrooms are white? There’s a real justification for this: white looks both clean and luxurious, and these properties are critical for generally small bathrooms with limited access to natural light.

Plus, white is the most relaxing of all colors. So you can use it for any element.

White gallery walls

How to decorate with white8 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Jute interior design

You have no idea how stylish and refined minimalist rooms with large gallery walls can get.

While it may sound a little over the top at first, try to picture it in an entirely white setting – it will grab attention, won’t it?

Your second thought is probably whether you can actually afford that much art, but that shouldn’t bother you either. Any creative piece that sends a visual message can be framed and hung there, starting with your favorite magazine articles, travel posters, or your children’s first drawings.

In fact, it can be a lot better to use this approach as the place looks a lot fresher and more personal than a real gallery.

The design is also entirely up to you as you have already been given a unique space that cannot be copied and there is little that can be done to ruin it. It just won’t matter.

Slide the blanket up with white

How to decorate with white 9 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Heintzman Sanborn Architecture ~ Interior Design

If the room is small and has a low ceiling, it is best to use the “white trick” of at least visually moving the ceilings away from the vantage point.

For example, you can only paint the top 1 inch of the wall to reveal the contrast and you’ll immediately feel like the ceiling is wide and prepare to go further. For shorter walls, cut the indicator to 6 inches.

White art

How to decorate with white10 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Anthony Wilder Design / Build, Inc.

The best example of this situation is tiles, as white tiles are one of the most boring and at the same time most practical design solutions.

But what if you could use white tile to make the space string more interesting? and what if it only takes a few artistic steps?

Take a minute to go white with unexpected bright accessories and the look will be completely different. By accessories, we mean literally every object in your bathroom, from toothbrush holders to trash cans.

White but durable

How to decorate with white12 How to decorate with whiteImage source: Chris Snook

With kids or pets, you can’t enjoy your crispy white fairy tale for as long as you imagined.

Even so, kids like whites and pastels just as much as you do. So don’t give up on the idea.

Instead, choose easily washable protective covers or hard-wearing khaki pillows, as these withstand damage and look equally good even after many washes.

Cool or warm?

How to decorate with white11 How to decorate with whiteImage source: American Institute of Architects, San Francisco

There is hardly anyone who can tell you that because it all depends on what you prefer.

If we had to wrap up a recommendation, we’d tell you to make bedrooms and living areas warmer and leave the cooler vibe for the bathroom or kitchen. If you are not sure which white to use or how to combine it, seek professional assistance.

Seasonal decorations

What white does pretty well with is seasonal renovations, and that’s once again due to its ability to pair with literally every color out there.

It can resemble your favorite fall scenery and October foliage, greet spring with flowers and sweet pastels, or even customize all of the seating to make it feel like a tropical beach in summer.