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Fabric sofa beds

Fabric sofa beds

Fabric sofa beds are extremely popular because their covers are particularly comfortable on the skin and breathable. Even at night, when the fabric sofa is used as a bed, this cover ensures a balanced climate.

Comfortable living with multifunction: Fabric sofa beds

The appearance of upholstered furniture is largely determined by the selected cover material. In addition to leather in the variants imitation leather and genuine leather in different versions are used primarily different substances. The variety of upholstery reaches far and extends from fine and coarse textiles to soft microfibre and velvety micro velours.

Sit, lie down, relax and sleep

So that your new fabric sofa bed also fits perfectly to your other furnishings and your personal wishes. Some fabric sofa beds are available in a variety of colors, while others are available in fabric colors in neutral colors such as black, white or gray. There are also major differences in the overall design:

Make yourself really comfortable

The fabric sofa beds are ideal for the establishment of small apartments such as one-room apartments, for guest rooms and for children and youth rooms. Some models can not only be transformed from a piece of furniture into a bedroom furniture, but can also be used as a lounge piece of furniture. For this purpose, first the backrest of the fabric sofa bed is folded so that the lying surface of the bed is given and then placed the headboard of the bed individually in position. So you can comfortably put your feet up while you find the best headrest on the headboard, for example, to listen to relaxed music or reading a good book.