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Kitchen stall ideas for your small kitchen

Kitchen stall ideas for your small kitchen

A kitchen stall is a traditional furniture design that gives you both an organized appearance and functionality.

In addition to being furniture for filling empty space, kitchen huts are stunning and help cope with the limited space many people face, as well as helping with kitchen work and practicality.

Ideas and tips for kitchen stables

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With a small stall, you can create a well-organized kitchen that gives you a nice, cozy atmosphere and still has easy access.

You should choose a hutch for the kitchen that gives you enough drawers and shelves for you to store enough items. If you have a small kitchen, choose a small kitchen stall or corner kitchen stall. A light color like a white kitchen stall maximizes space.

Small kitchen stall

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You can turn small kitchen huts into a very functional storage space. Store cooking utensils in the kitchen cabinets and display dishes on the shelves to maximize space.

“Less is more” certainly applies here, but you don’t have to live without things like a decorative kitchen stall. You can fill a rehabilitated piece with a pretty display and store the essentials for the kitchen in it.

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A stable gives every kitchen warmth and character and at the same time offers plenty of storage space. There is usually an open network of shelves in the upper rows, as well as closed cabinets in the lower rows. The upper part offers space for an impressive visual display of entertaining things and collected items.

Visual clutter can minimize an already small space, so keep things simple. Depending on the style of your model, similar elements such as rows of stemmed glasses, wine bottles and serving trays can be combined on the open shelves.

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To further minimize the visual footprint, paint it like the cabinets and make it an extension. Or color the cabinet unit to match another piece of furniture, e.g. B. to the island or to the kitchen table. However, if you’re a fearless homeowner, you can paint it in a vibrant accent color, making it the focal point of the room.

This is where the multitasking part comes in: you can store certain things for the kitchen in the closed cupboards, e.g. B. entertainment needs, and mark the piece as an entertainment zone.

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To enhance the storage function even further, use it as a kitchen pantry and outfit the cabinets with interior shelves, baskets and drawers to bring order to the mess that is the dry and non-perishable necessities.

It is good to know that a baker’s shelf or bookcase can offer properties quite similar to those of a stall. For flexibility, you can also put a hutch in a living room or in your office if you’d rather keep it away from the kitchen.

user friendliness

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The holidays are just around the corner and you may be thinking about what condition your china house is in. It is most likely the largest piece of furniture, except maybe the table, and it affects the overall mood and style of the room.

There are practical considerations as well – do you showcase your best china or put in items that you use every day to improve practicality? Here are some tips that won’t change with your answer to this question.

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Use it for everyday objects. If you don’t use your fancy china often, you can store your everyday items like dishes, cups or white plates in everyday life. Keep your best things in a protective container in a safe place. If you use the everyday things and arrange them carefully, they can look just as good as the fancy things. The drawers under the porcelain stall can be used for serving pieces, cloth napkins and cutlery.

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Add a few special extras. Put down items collected from nature walks, vases filled with flowers or greenery, or unscented candles. These are all good things to put in an open china house. The flowers and candles bring the arrangement of plates and platters to life, and you can use them as a simple but effective centerpiece on the dining table.

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Use your hutch for this chic china set. This is the most traditional use for a china house. The parts can be seen through the glass front doors and no dust collects. If you have an extensive china set, don’t try to fit everything in – keep things standing up until they’re comfortably full, and move the rest in the cabinets below.

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Stack some, reject others. Large pieces, such as B. platters can be leaned against the rear wall behind stacks of plates. Use record stands if you think they might tip over. First, lean against the plate, then place bowls, cups or stacks of plates in front of you. You can do the same with storing everyday dishes too – stacking bowls and plates and leaning a tray or plate behind them.

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More things to stack. Stacks save space and fill the space between shelves for a rich look. You can make stacks of saucers, cups, and cake plates to complement the usual bowls and plates.

Keep the party stuff together. If you already have things to keep that you use during entertainment, put a teacup full of birthday candles or a neat box of matches. Just add the other party essentials in the same place to make your life easier, like festive bottled drinks or a cluster of your favorite bud vases.

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Hang tea cups on hooks. Add interest and save space by installing a series of hooks under a shelf. Before deciding where to put the cups, arrange everything else first to make sure they are in the right place.

Align the glasses. Like is kept like with like when you arrange a china sty. Glassware should be sorted by type, and you should give each type at least a section of a shelf, if not an entire shelf. Glasses can be lined up like soldiers for a clean look.

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Color can be used as a contrast. Does your set mainly consist of white dishes and serving pieces? Try painting the inside of your stall in a contrasting color. A dark, deep hue really makes these white dishes pop inside.

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Include objects. Do you have a little more space? If you don’t want to fill the entire stall with glassware and dishes, put in a few other things to get a pretty dynamic display. Things like books with an interesting bookend or maybe a small, framed piece of art on the back wall can look stunning and create a new dynamic atmosphere.

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Use symmetry when in doubt. Go shelf by shelf and make each arrangement identical on the left and right. Once you have the bulk of the pieces in place, you can shake things up by putting an odd vase here or there.


In small kitchens in particular, regardless of the theme and layout, you can get the best pieces of furniture for the hutch to become a really great feature. You just want to make sure everything is well planned to get the most out of the décor and design effort.